Brand Portfolio

Hilco Streambank is the leading expert providing intangible asset valuations and monetization services on brands. We focus on these types of intangible assets exclusively which allows our clients to understand market values and maximize any monetization event. Our valuation work is held in the highest regard by sponsors, investment banks, and asset based lenders with incredible accuracy and attention to detail. Our group leverages extensive market knowledge and our own database in order to deliver valuations that stand the test of subsequent disposition transactions.

Over the years, we’ve taken advantage of our extensive expertise and knowledge within the IP space and have invested in the brand assets that currently sit within the Hilco Brands, LLC organization.

At the heart of our approach is the ability to recognize both intrinsic and potential value in an under-performing brand or stable of brands. As a principal or agent, the Hilco Streambank team seeks out opportunities to own or repurpose well-known and iconic brand assets in a variety of ways.

Below you will find a descriptive list of some of the assets in our Brand Portfolio.

Hilco Streambank acquired the PowerBilt brand from Hillerich & Bradsby in 2017. PowerBilt is a 100-year-old brand with a history of accomplishment in both the PGA Tour and majors. PowerBilt equipment is available in major golf markets around the world, including North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Hilco Streambank plans to honor the brand’s history and legacy as a performance golf equipment company with best-in-class licensees and an expansion of its core golf equipment lines into related categories, including apparel.

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Portical SheetStackCrafted with Integrity

Founded in 1988 as a home and design retailer, Portico today is a lifestyle brand inspired by the natural world around us. Portico offers classic, authentic, eco-friendly apparel, home, spa and hospitality collections that set the standard for fine craftsmanship and responsibly luxurious design. Our products are made with the softest eco-fibers and finest natural ingredients. Portico invites you to begin each day in pure comfort with our certified sustainable collections that are softer on the skin, gentler on the earth.

A lifestyle of natural living

~Inspired by Nature, we take our inspiration from the natural world around us.


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Under the Canopy

Under the Canopy Room DesignFounded in 1996, pioneering lifestyle brand Under the Canopy is the lifestyle brand for the conscious consumer. Its inspirational collections of contemporary apparel, home fashion, spa and hotel textiles, amenities, beauty and fragrance products demonstrate a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility — combining style with substance. Under the Canopy’s eco-conscious collections offer customers a way to buy what they love — while making a difference to human health, social justice, and the environment.


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