Intellectual Property Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the intellectual property assets of Beta Distribution Plc (in Administration), Beta Distribution Employee Services LLP (in Administration), Beta Services (UK) Limited (in Administration), and The Content Wall Limited (in Administration) (collectively “Beta Distribution” or the “Group”). Beta Distribution was one of Europe’s largest distributors of office IT equipment, accessories, and consumables, with over £185m in historic annual revenue.

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Accepting Offers

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Clare Boardman and Richard Hawes of Deloitte LLP as the Joint Administrators of the Group have appointed Hilco Streambank to actively seek interested parties with regards to the sale of the Beta Distribution’s intellectual property assets.

Beta Distribution, established in 1985, was a specialist in the distribution of office IT equipment, including printers, scanners, audio visual devices, and calculators. The Group also sold consumables, primarily consisting of ink cartridges for printers. Beta Distribution created dedicated sub brands around the sale of its remanufactured ink cartridges, initially branding them as “Perfect Green” and later also as “ECO”, both of which the Group believed were well-known in the consumables market. Beta Distribution’s customer base of circa 8k exclusively comprised of resellers, with the Group making its customers aware that it would not target B2C sales in an attempt to gain reseller loyalty and avoid being viewed as a competitor. Beta Distribution would heavily market its products to customers via mailshots professionally designed by the Group’s in-house graphic design team, and also utilised its bespoke software to deliver daily price updates to customers to further generate sales interest.

Beta Specialists Distributors

In 2018, The Content Wall Limited was acquired as part of the Group to broaden Beta Distribution’s audio visual offering. The Content Wall Limited was a dedicated audio visual specialist and created audio visual devices and accompanying video clips for clients. The Group’s clients in this area included players in the health services industry and Premier League football club, Liverpool FC.

The Group recorded historic annual revenues of over £185m, and was profitable until the year 2018. Beta Distribution sold to customers in both the UK and Europe, with European sales amounting to nearly a quarter of the Group’s overall revenue for the year 2017.

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Available Assets

Beta Distribution Brand

The Beta Distribution brand was primarily marketed via weekly email marketing campaigns. The Group employed a team of graphic designers who would create bespoke mailshots that were distributed to the Group’s customer database of circa 8k resellers. Beta Distribution scheduled multiple mailshots each week to ensure that market awareness for the Group’s products was maximised.


Perfect Green
A brand used in conjunction with Beta Distribution’s remanufactured ink cartridges. The Group believed that Perfect Green was well known in the market thanks to Beta Distribution’s extensive marketing campaigns.

The ECO brand was launched after Perfect Green and was used to market the Group’s remanufactured ink cartridges that were sold at a cheaper price point to that of Perfect Green.

The Inkubus brand was previously acquired by Beta Distribution as part of a corporate acquisition. It was historically used in conjunction with printer supplies.

The Group acquired the ContentWall brand in 2018, which was well-known in the audio visual market and serviced clients in the health services industry, and Premier League Football Club, Liverpool FC.

Beta Distribution Trademarks

The Group has registered trademarks for a number of its brands. For more information, please click here.

Social Media Assets


  • facebook logo  179 followers

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  • instagram logo 1k followers

Domain Names

The Group possesses a domain name portfolio, which includes domains such as,, and For more information, please click here.

Beta Distribution Ecommerce Website

The Group operated an ecommerce website that accounted for over 5% of Beta Distribution’s total sales. The website contained details of the Groups products, as well as account creation and ecommerce functionality to allow customers to buy products online. The website generated over 187k views in the past 12 months alone. A link to the Beta Distribution website can be found here.

Perfect Green Website

A website used by the Group to market Beta Distribution’s Perfect Green product range of toner and ink cartridges. A link to the Perfect Green website can be found here.


The Group has developed a number of software packages that were utilised in the day-to-day running of the business, including:

Accounting Software
Accounting system software written on top of the third-party Pegasus Opera accounting software to create a bespoke accounts package suited to the needs of a distribution company.

Supply Chain Software
Operating software, known as “CRM” within the Group, that was used to manage Beta Distribution’s supply chain and handle standard operating procedures, stock levels, and electronic data interchange.

Analytical Software
Analytical software tools designed to provide customers with product price updates throughout the day, and built to work in conjunction with the Group’s supply chain software.

Product Returns System
A returns system integrated into the Group’s ecommerce website that allows customers to request and process order refunds.

Sale Process

Please contact Hilco Streambank to obtain an NDA and for more information regarding the sale process. A Bid Submission Form for submitting bids for the intellectual property assets is available on request.

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