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Intellectual Property
Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the intellectual property assets of The Bon-Ton, a leading hometown department store brand which operated approximately 256 department stores across 23 states in the Northeast, Midwest and Upper Great Plains under multiple nameplates and e-commerce sites.

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Offer Deadline Extended
July 11, 2018 @ Noon Eastern Time

Bon-Ton Clothing

Brand & Nameplate Background

Each of The Bon-Ton's department store nameplates enjoys a unique and rich history, comprised of 7 of the longest-lived nameplates in retail. The oldest nameplate was founded before the Civil War and the newest before the Great Depression. Founded in 1898, when Max Grumbacher and his father, Samuel, opened S. Grumbacher & Son, a one-room millinery and dry goods store in York, Pennsylvania, The Bon-Ton became one of the largest regional department store operators in the United States, offering private brand fashion apparel and accessories for women, men and children, as well as cosmetics, fine jewelry and home furnishings. The Bon-Ton brand focused on being the best hometown department store for the family, for the home and for the generations.

Bon-Ton name plates

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Available Assets

Customer Data

The Bon-Ton brand has cultivated a loyal and desirable customer following. Its database consists of approximately 24.5 million unique customer records. It contains approximately 6.5 million email addresses, approximately 5.5 million of which can be associated with a customer record in the database.

Private Label Credit Card

The Bon-Ton had a private label credit card (PLCC), which bolstered the loyalty of the brand’s customers. Approximately 3.9 million PLCC holders have used their card in the last 24 months. As of October 28, 2017, PLCC sales accounted for approximately 58% of the Company’s total sales revenues. The company established a loyalty program solely for its PLCC holders, known as YourRewards, which provided PLCC holders with coupons upon reaching $200 in purchases.

Loyalty Program

For those Bon-Ton customers who were not PLCC holders, the company had a loyalty program known as StyleRewards or LoveStyleRewards. There are approximately 900,000 members of this program, which also provided members with coupons, albeit not to the extent provided by the YourRewards program.


There are approximately 6,800 wedding registrants with email addresses, approximately 4,400 with weddings in August 2018 and thereafter and, of those, approximately 1,800 have items added to the registry. The company has data including specific SKUs added to each registry.


The trademarks for The Bon-Ton’s nameplates and its owned private label brands are for sale.

Private Label Brands

Private label brand sales represented approximately 18% of 2017 sales. The largest owned private label brands by sales are set forth in the next section.

Social Media Assets

  • facebook logo 900K page likes

  • twitter logo 14K followers

  • instagram logo 13K followers


There were approximately 605 million page views, approximately 100 million visits and approximately 44 million unique visitors to the various Bon-Ton websites in 2017. All of The Bon-Ton websites were e-commerce enabled, with The Bon-Ton and Carson’s websites attracting the most visits at approximately 34 million and 23 million, respectively, in 2017.

Private Label Brands

private label brands chart

Historical Sales Data

historical sales data

Sale Process

Offers for some or all of The Bon-Ton intellectual property assets are extended to July 11, 2018 at Noon Eastern Time.

Please contact Hilco Streambank to obtain an NDA and information regarding the sale process.

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