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Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the Ciro Citterio brand and associated intangible assets. Ciro Citterio is a heritage brand in the menswear industry, which was historically traded in over 150 branded stores and generated over £65m ($84m) in annual revenue.


Offer Deadline: November 27, 2018 @ Noon GMT

Ciro Citterio Clothing


Ciro Citterio (or the “Brand”) was and still remains one of the UK’s most prominent menswear brands. The Brand was historically traded in over 150 Ciro Citterio-branded stores in the UK, and recorded annual revenue of over £65m ($84m). In recent years, the Brand has become associated with suits and leather jackets, although historically it has also traded formal shoes and accessories, as well as casualwear under the trademarked ‘Primo Collezioni’ sub brand. Although the Brand was last traded in 2006, it is still known amongst the UK public, with vintage Ciro Citterio suits and leather jackets being offered for sale on eCommerce websites, capitalising on the Brand’s nostalgia amongst the general public.

Brand Positioning

The Brand was positioned as a discount alternative to high-end menswear brands on the market, which broadened Ciro Citterio’s appeal and allowed it to capture a wide target market. The Brand is therefore well placed to meet the demands of today’s clothing retail industry, which is currently estimated to be worth £42.8bn ($55.5bn) with 1.2% annual growth forecast over the next five years. Growth in the discount clothing sector, where Ciro Citterio is well positioned, is expected to outpace overall retail growth in the short-to-medium term, with consumers looking to limit and carefully monitor their spending habits due to economic uncertainties while retaining a desire for high quality clothing items.

Menswear Market

The menswear market in particular represents a significant opportunity for growth in the coming years, with research indicating that men are showing a growing interest in fashion and grooming, and sales of men’s clothing subsequently growing at a faster rate than sales of women’s clothing. From February 2017 to January 2018, growth in sales of men’s clothing was 4.1%, significantly higher than the clothing industry as a whole. Furthermore, the established need for formal attire in the marketplace puts Ciro Citterio in a strong position to resist fluctuating market demands in the clothing and fashion industry related to seasonal and everyday wear.

Primo by Ciro Citterio

Available Assets

Ciro Citterio Brand

The Brand is well-known in the UK, having previously been traded in over 150 Ciro Citterio stores, with flagship stores on Regent Street and Oxford Street in London. Established in 1972, Ciro Citterio boasts a strong UK heritage, and is associated with affordable luxury, class, elegance, and sophistication. The Brand represents a fantastic opportunity for those wishing to enter or expand in the menswear, fashion, clothing, formal wear, workwear, or leather industries.

Primo Collezioni Sub Brand

Ciro Citterio utilised the trademarked Primo Collezioni sub brand to market casualwear products. The Primo Collezioni brand was known for its bold dress shirts, abstract designs, and distinctive patterns, and was targeted towards stylish younger men in their early-to-late twenties.

Social Media Assets

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Ciro Citterio Trade Marks The Ciro Citterio brand is protected by a trademark portfolio containing 6 word and figurative marks with coverage in the UK, Europe, China, and Australia. View the complete Trademark Document.

Ciro Citterio Clothing

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Sale Process

Offer Deadline

Offers for the Ciro Citerrio brand and associated intangible assets are due November 27, 2018 at Noon GMT.

Please contact Hilco Streambank to obtain an NDA and for more information regarding the sale process. A Bid Submission Form for submitting bids for the intellectual property assets is available on request.

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