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On behalf of the Joint Administrators, Paul Masters and Conrad Beighton from Leonard Curtis Recovery, Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the business and assets of Exosect Limited (in Administration) (“Exosect” or the “Company”), an innovative formulations business.


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Offer Deadline: November 16, 2018 @ Noon GMT


Exosect was originally founded in 1999 as a spin out from the University of Southampton. Over GB£25m ($33m) has since been invested in the development of Exosect’s valuable intellectual property in the form of patents and formulations expertise.

The Company’s award winning, patented Entostat® formulations technology, which is based on the use of wax micro powders, assists with the optimization of active ingredients for improved efficacy, safety and commercial viability.

Entostat® has potential use within many industrial sectors. At present it is being commercialized through the £60bn ($79bn) crop protection and plant growth enhancement sector, where it is in use by commercial partners under license for agrochemical/biological seed applications. Adjacent markets, such as animal and public health, provide areas for future expansion.

A key USP is that the wax particles can be formulated to bond with a variety of natural and synthetic pesticides which adhere to many surfaces. Resulting end-benefits include less pesticide being lost in the air when applied to crops, increasing potency and reducing harm to workers and the environment.

The Company initially developed, marketed and sold pheromone-based products approved by regulators in 28 countries. Whilst in recent years the Company has changed strategy to adopt a licensing business model, it continues to support two high margin products sold through UK distributors. Its moth control product is used by the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Opera House.

In early 2018, the Company successfully agreed a license with agrochemical multinational Monsanto for the use of its Entostat® technology for the delivery of select agricultural biologicals as seed treatments. Further license negotiations and trials are ongoing with numerous other companies.

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Key Intellectual Property Assets

Patent Portfolio

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Exosect’s unique technology is protected through an extensive suite of patents. The Company’s robust patent portfolio consists of 20 patent families, with over 150 granted and pending patents. International coverage is provided.

The Company’s patent families primarily relate to the use of Entostat® wax micro-particles in dry particulate or liquid suspension form, as well as the use of Entomagmetallic particles in dry powder form. Of the patent families, five are platform related and the remainder are usage/application specific. The spread of technology platforms and applications is broad

An active patent management system is in place. Regional/country filings have been determined by the total potential market size. With growing sophistication of developing markets, the patent strategy, in more recent years, has been to file in large markets where future potential is most significant.

Over £1.5m ($2m) in patent licensing income has been generated to date.

Formulations & Proprietary Know-How

A significant element of proprietary know-how inherent in the technology, formulations and products provides additional protection over Exosect’s intellectual property. This know-how has been documented and is treated as a trade secret of the Company.

The Company’s proprietary know-how largely consists of the understanding, experience and knowledge gained by Exosect’s highly skilled employees around areas such as formulation improvements, production techniques and procedures, information within Exosect’s Quality Management System and its formulations databases.


Exosect Awards

The Exosect brand has been established since circa 2001. Exosect is well-known and highly regarded within the industry.

Exosect’s formulations technology and innovations have been recognized through a number of awards and press coverage received. These include by the prestigious 2016 Best Application Technology Innovation award, won against competition from the World’s leading AgroChemical companies.

Most recently Entostat® has been shortlisted for an award in the 2018 category for Best Formulation Innovation.

Exosect Awards


The Exosect corporate brand and further technology and product brands are protected by numerous trademarks registered in key territories.

Website Content

Exosect’s informational website has been professionally developed and contains details of the Company’s products and technology.

Domain Names

  • Exosect.com
  • Exosect.biz
  • ZeroResidues.co.uk
  • Auto-confusion.co.uk
  • Auto-confusion.com
  • Exosect.co.uk
  • Entostat.com
  • Exolure.com
  • Exactglobal.uk
  • Exosect.co
  • ZeroResidues.com
  • Exactglobal.com
  • Exactglobal.co.uk
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    The Joint Administrators, Paul Masters and Conrad Beighton of Leonard Curtis Recovery Limited, have instructed Hilco Streambank to actively seek interested parties with regards to the sale of the business and assets of the Company, including its extensive intellectual property assets.

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