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Hilco Streambank is marketing the intellectual property and related assets of LittleThings Inc. (“LittleThings” or the “Company”), including its trademarks, domain names, content library, social media assets, audience data and technology.

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LittleThings is the leading digital publisher of inspiring, uplifting and meaningful content for a highly engaged, predominantly female audience. For most of 2016 and 2017, LittleThings was the largest women's lifestyle site, averaging over 47 million monthly comScore unique visitors. The content consistently ranked among the highest levels of engagement on Facebook. The audience consumed an average of over 86 million click-to-play video views on for all of 2017, and averaged 55 million for the months of December, 2017 – February, 2018. LittleThings was accepted in the Facebook mid-roll program in Q4 of 2017 and averaged 670 million video views per month for November, 2017 – February, 2018.

The Company’s engagement with its target viewers – women over 30 years old in heartland America – is unparalleled. LittleThings has built a loyal audience by preserving the user experience and staying true to what it does well, with a focus on four primary categories of content: food, parenting, do-it-yourself (DIY), and pets. It enjoys more monthly unique views than such sites operated by The Today Show, PopSugar, Food Network, any single property at Hearst or Meredith, Refinery29 and HGTV.

Approximately 97% of the sessions on the Company’s website – – originate from Facebook. LittleThings has accumulated over 12.7 million followers on its primary Facebook page, more than popular platforms such as BuzzFeed (11M), The Huffington Post (9.2M), The Today Show (6.3M), and PopSugar (5.4M). The Company also owns and manages several other “sister” Facebook pages including LittleThings DIY (2.1M followers), LittleThings Trending Stories (1.4M followers), and LittleThings Food (950K followers), as well as pages dedicated to its original programming content such as Truth Bomb Mom (458K followers), Refresh (382K followers) and Good As New (104K followers).

LittleThings has achieved its tremendous growth and engagement over the last four years primarily through the content mix, unique target audience for digital media and the development of a portfolio of technology. Its technological assets and tools have allowed the Company to more effectively curate content that would generate the highest levels of engagement; track and report partner performance and monetization; and more accurately measure, in close to real time, the performance of sponsored content on social media channels including the traffic and revenue generated by all of its content. Access to data of this level of detail and caliber gave LittleThings a significant competitive advantage.

Available Assets


  • Branded trademarks such as LittleThings®, Truth Bomb Mom®, and the LittleThings sun & cloud logo design.

Domain Names




Engaged and Loyal Social Following

  • 17.2M Facebook followers and 235K followers on show pages

  • 4.7M Pinterest followers

  • 1M Instagram followers

  • 15.1K YouTube followers

  • 6.6K Twitter followers

Customer Email Lists

  • 289K email addresses

Chrome Notification Data

  • Approximately 905K opt-in users who can receive push notifications

Original Programming Content

  • Short Format Videos (average of 2+ minutes)

  • Long Format Shows (10 minutes – 1 hour)

  • Articles

Tech Stack

  • Allows for a turn-key operation of the web platform and app for Apple, Amazon and Roku platforms

  • Sponsored content real time analysis tool (Odin)

  • Analytics/BI tool handling data across article and video content (ReportingThings)

  • A video repository used to both ingest inbound video feeds and deploy content to outside parties (Apollo)

  • Technology to determine where viewers are located, providing or restricting access to content based on that data (GeoIP Service)


Trusted Brand Name

The LittleThings brand, proprietary content, technology and related intellectual property assets represent an opportunity to leverage a widely recognized and trusted name in the digital media space. It is brand safe and offers an inspiring source of entertainment to its sizeable and loyal female following. The Company’s social media presence, content library and technology provide a platform for further growth and marketing success.

The LittleThings asset portfolio will provide digital publishers and marketers an efficient means to penetrate the highly engaged LittleThings community demographic. Likewise, traditional media companies that already have a sizeable and engaged consumer base but that have not broken into digital publishing could forego R&D and instead capitalize on the Company’s technology or simply leverage the Company’s loyal and engaged audience.

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Desirable Audience

As the leading lifestyle publisher geared towards women, LittleThings has developed a strong rapport with women in heartland America and offers a large yet defined strategic demographic underserved by new digital media. Seventy-three percent of the LittleThings audience is female. She is in the “nesting and nurturing” phase of her life. She is busy. She needs the internet to be her happy place. LittleThings makes her feel comfortable, inspired and informed in a digital landscape where these feelings can be hard to find.

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Content Library

LittleThings’ 50-person in-house content team produced a monthly average of 1,200 articles, 20+ pieces of branded content, 80 native videos (3+ minutes) and 2 hours per weekday of long-form (averaging over 30 minutes) “Live” shows. The content created was a mix of original (text, videos, and shows) and licensed (videos and show segments) content. The original content library includes over 1,450 original videos in the DIY, food and parenting categories, totaling more than 50 hours of content and 100 edited hours of “Live” shows.


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The website is powered by Wordpress and is highly customized for LittleThings specific content. The Company maintains separate desktop and mobile sites to further optimize the user experience. The site attracted an average of 227 million visitors per month in 2017.

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A tool developed by LittleThings to track in, close to, real time the performance of sponsored content on Facebook. Capable of tracking over 20,000 UTMs and managing over 15,000 ad sets.

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Reporting Things

An analytics tool developed by LittleThings to track and report traffic and revenue generation. Capable of managing over 1,500 partners simultaneously.

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A video repository used to manage inbound feeds of video content and deploy video and article content to outside parties.

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LittleThings utilizes this technology to determine where its viewers are located, providing or restricting access to content, especially licensed videos, based on that data.







Sale Process

Access to an online data room containing diligence information will be provided to interested parties upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement. For further information about the sale process and access to diligence materials please fill out the form below.

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