Neco domains available

Intellectual Property Acquisition Opportunity
National Event Company (

Premium Domain Names & Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Hilco Streambank is conducting an online auction to sell the remaining intangible assets of National Event Company (“NECO”). The available assets include premium domain names and a portfolio of toll-free and vanity phone numbers. The online auction is currently taking place on Interested parties may register on in order to participate in the auction.

The online auction is now open and will end on February 6, 2018 at 2:00 PM ET.

Interested parties can register for the auction at Once registered, a Hilco Streambank representative will reach out to you regarding the activation of your account. Logo - Stalking Horse Bid

The seller has accepted, subject to higher and better bids, an offer to acquire the domain name. Set forth below are the details of the stalking horse bid.

Stalking Horse Bidder:

Media Options S.A.

Asset Subject to the Stalking Horse Bid: Domain Name

Purchase Price ( only):


Minimum Overbid ( only):


A $1,000 deposit is required to bid on Register today for wire instructions.

Additional Assets

Domain Names

  • Other domains owned by the seller

Additional assets are also being auctioned at

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Toll-Free Phone Numbers

  • 800-NECO-TIX
  • 866-NECO-TIX
  • 888-NECO-TIX
  • Other toll-free phone numbers owned by the seller

Brand Potential for Utilization in

  • Business Abbreviations
  • Event Sales for Sports and Entertainment
  • Startup Branding
  • Online Fantasy Sports and Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Celebrity fan pages

Sale Process / The auction is open now.

Bidding will be closed on February 6, 2018 @2:00 PM ET

Parties interested in bidding on any of the NECO assets should register to bid on or contact one of the Hilco Streambank representatives listed below.