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Brand Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is seeking investors or licensing opportunities for the Petersyn brand. The opportunity would provide an investor or licensee with immediate revenue generation, existing orders for the upcoming season and tremendous growth potential through scaling and streamlining of the Petersyn brand operations and manufacturing process.


Brand Highlights

Petersyn sales since inception total close to $5MM, with strong season-to-season growth.

Petersyn’s enormous and rapid success attracted the attention of the large retailers who specialize in the off-price market, leading to the birth of a sister brand that serves as an off-price line for TJ Maxx.

  • Petersyn Brand 2017 Sales: $4.6M

  • Off-Price Sister Brand 2017 Sales: $900K

  • Total Combined Sales 2017: $5.5M

womens fashion models

Petersyn Brand Sales 2016-2018

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Brand Penetration

The brand has prominent placement in specialty retail and department stores. It also features strong coverage in major publications including InStyle Magazine, O (The Oprah Magazine), and The Zoe Report. The Petersyn brand of woven products has become a symbol of outstanding style and is regularly worn by numerous “A-list” celebrities.

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Brand Operations

Petersyn woven product lines are manufactured domestically out of a NYC facility, run by a seasoned apparel industry executive and his production team. The Petersyn brand presents an ideal opportunity for an investor or licensee to move production overseas to increase scale and margin.

The company’s founder and visionary has extensive experience launching and developing successful women’s fashion brands, as well as a long history within the international wholesale fashion industry. She oversees and directs the design team and overall brand “look and feel”. The head designer and visionary behind the Petersyn look and other members of the team are willing to stay on board through a transaction to manage brand identity, design and direction of its future seasons.

Growth Opportunities

The brand has achieved tremendous success in the short time it has been operating, growing revenue to several million dollars, and building trust and acceptance in the fashion community. There is an opportunity here to streamline the operations and manufacturing systems as well as build upon a variety of excellent retailer relationships, and a successful and immediate licensing cash flow with the sister brand. Additionally, there is an opportunity to develop and grow an e-commerce platform around a branded domain, reducing the heavy reliance on its relationships with specialty and department store retailers for revenue generation. With already significant brand awareness and acceptance, a strong e-commerce presence would provide additional upside and growth potential.

The company created a community around its brands, deploying several successful marketing and social media channels. An investor or licensee with access to more robust resources to dedicate towards expanding those marketing and brand recognition efforts could easily maximize the potential of these brands, building on their tremedous success to date.


Sale Process

The current owners are looking for an investor or licensee with exceptional experience in the fashion and retail industries to provide an infusion of cash and expertise to support further growth, scaling of the brand and streamlining of its operations.

Interested Parties

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