Premium Domain Names

Hilco Streambank conducts ongoing sales of multiple premium domain names and trademark intellectual property portfolios. We pull together IP packages from multiple sellers to be auctioned off through private sale or on their proprietary online auction platform,

The IP assets include a wide array of valuable internet domain names (URLs) and multiple U.S. and foreign registered trademarks.

Own the Category

Owning category domains effectively enables a simple keyword to combat the many dollars spent on SEO marketing. For example, when users search the term “shopping,” many of the biggest retailers show up at the top of the results. However, eBay’s outranks them all and is in the number one spot.

 Every company wants to “own the category” for one or multiple categories within their industry, for the opportunity to associate many category words with your company. Having the right domain names improves search engine rankings, SEO, and advertising results.

Recent Domain Sales Transactions

Brand/Domain  Price $250,000 $210,000 $150,000
Advanta Portfolio $85,000 $35,000 $16,650 Accepting Offers

If you have any questions about Hilco Streambank’s premium domain names for sale, please contact David Peress at or Jack Hazan at

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