Intellectual Property Monetization

Hilco Streambank believes is that for intellectual property monetization there is a best disposition method for each portfolio of intangibles and each particular situation. The best method is defined as highest net recovery, including carrying and transaction costs.

We also believe that in distressed situations the stakeholders have little desire for risk, and so we structure compensation structures that are significantly back loaded. Nor do we believe that a short time frame automatically requires an auction on the courthouse steps. We win only if you win. We follow six steps for monetization:

  • Understand the Assets
  • Identify the Strategic Value
  • Identify the Target Market
  • Choose the Right Sale Structure
  • Market Aggressively
  • Close the Deal

Hilco Streambank's Methodology

1. Understand the Assets
We utilize the best available resources within our network and the resources in the client's firm to identify the most marketable assets and to understand all potential encumbrances.

2. Identify the Strategic Value
We work with management professionals, business operations and finance experts, investors, and market researchers to understand the strategic value of the assets, and communicate them in their simplest form.

3. Identify the Target Market
It may be obvious which firms are most likely to acquire the intangibles. If not, creativity can expand the market in new ways and help identify the individuals who are to be targeted, which will in turn determine how to tailor the sales pitch.

4. Choose the Right Sale Structure
Financial investors love auctions! Auctions mean bargains and speed. But intangible asset buyers may be engineers looking for solutions, marketers used to receiving quotes, or others who may not respond well to an auction. Understanding the audience is crucial.

5. Market Aggressively
While Hilco Streambank believes in advertising asset sales, our best results come from direct marketing over the phone. No other method of marketing provides valuable feedback (e.g., “We're not a buyer, but you should call Joe at ABC Co.”) in real time, and the opportunity to get the right information to the right people quickly.

6. Close the Deal
We get paid when our clients get paid. We structure deals for the upside because we are confident in our ability to deliver results. We are closers with experience successfully creating value from a position of little leverage. We want to win; but if you don't win, neither do we.

Hilco Streambank prides itself on incentive-compatible structures. To learn how we can develop a disposition solution to meet your needs, contact David Peress at or Jack Hazan at, or for European Services, contact Nat Baldwin at

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