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Hilco Streambank is the preeminent intellectual property advisory firm. We specialize in the valuation and disposition of all forms of intangible assets, invest in intellectual property and operate a leading brokerage business focusing on IPv4 internet protocol addresses.Learn More

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Intellectual Property Assets

In December 2020, Sitehands filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Salvatore LaMonica, the chapter 7 trustee, hired Hilco Streambank to market the Sitehands software platform and related intellectual property assets. We recognized that the platform could be used for any on-demand field service, and broadly marketed the assets to more than 170 potential buyers, more than a dozen of which executed an NDA. The marketing campaign resulted in 2 qualified bids for the assets. We facilitated a virtual auction where the chapter 7 trustee solicited sealed bids from each qualified bidder.  The sale closed in June 2021.

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Home Furnishings and Products Brand Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is soliciting offers for the intellectual property assets of Portico®. The available assets include the Portico trademarks, domain names and social media assets. For over three decades, Portico has served as a leading destination for luxury home products for fashionable customers and noteworthy interior decorators, architects and editors. 

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Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is marketing for sale or license the intellectual property of MirraCo, owner of the BMX bicycle brand founded by BMX freestyle rider Dave Mirra, including the Mirra trademark, domain names and the MirraCo Facebook page.

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Patent Portfolio Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the patent portfolio and related assets of Save Phace, Inc. The portfolio includes 12 U.S. design and utility patents and 12 foreign design patents and patent applications. The portfolio has been commercialized across a broad spectrum of face masks, safety masks and welding helmets. Its products are well-reviewed and have historically been distributed through welding supply shops, sporting goods retailers and amazon.com.


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Article 9 Foreclosure Expertise

You may be a trustee for a debt instrument that is not performing. Or perhaps you have a situation that requires an independent party to run a cost effective and commercially reasonable independent sale process, so that you can fulfill your fiduciary and legal duties and/or exercise your remedies under the terms of your agreement. Streambank is your solution.

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