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Hilco Streambank Owned Brands


In 2018, PowerBilt launched a new ecommerce website at PowerBilt.com. Since launching the website, the brand has seen significant web traffic as well as a re-engaged community across social media. The brand continues to grow, expanding into new product categories and new licensee regions.

Portico Logo


Portico currently captures a high-end market in specialty boutiques and department stores, most notably available at Bloomingdale’s, Zola and Nordstrom.com. In 2018 Portico signed up new licensees and is looking at a 2019 relaunch of the brand into the off-price market.

Under the Canopy Logo

Under the Canopy

Under The Canopy, our sustainable brand, continues to grow its online and retail business. It has relaunched its presence at Bed Bath & Beyond and, through a joint campaign, is delivering a strong message for organic sustainable material.

Foreclosed Homes Logo


Under an affiliate foreclosure.com, foreclosedhomes.com launched a new social media presence across all platforms to spread the word about its services. The site now has pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, advocating its connection to an exclusive database of foreclosures.

IPv4 Highlights

IPv4 Auction YOY Stats

62% increase in total IPv4 sales revenues

22% increase in number of IP addresses sold

17% increase in average price per IP address

Certified IPv4 facilitator in LACNIC and AFRINIC regions

Surpassed the 1,000 transaction mark

Events Attended

Apricot 2018 - Nepal Sponsor

NANOG 72 - Atalanta Beer N' Gear Sponsor

ARIN 41 – Miami Sponsor

RIPE 76 – Marseille Silver Sponsor

NANOG 73 – Denver Beer N' Gear Sponsor

NANOG 74 – Vancouver Beer N' Gear Sponsor

Hope Conference – Exclusive IPv4 Provider Exclusive IPv4 Provider

RIPE 77 – Amsterdam Silver Sponsor

AFRINIC 29 – Tunisia Attendee

Average price/IP continues to rise in 2018 (USD)

Good Netizen Awards Logo

IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards

IPv4.Global is a regular sponsor at industry events around the globe and a big advocate of everything internet. In 2018, the brand launched the Good Netizen Awards that coincide with these events and recognize local organizations that demonstrated good “netizenship” throughout their communities. This includes engaging in the promotion of internet access for all, supporting and funding internet and technology education, and contributing to open and ethical internet business practices.

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Premium Domain Sales

New Website Launch

In 2018, Hilco Streambank launched domains.hilcostreambank.com as a user-friendly way to browse premium domain opportunities.

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New Additions

new office graphic

Last September, Hilco Streambank announced the continued globalization of its intellectual property advisory services platform with the integration of Hilco Global’s European Intellectual Property services office in the UK. This move completed the integration of Hilco Global’s European and North American Intellectual Property Services team under the Hilco Streambank brand.

New Team Members

US office

Ceasar Sitt

Akeyla Wallace
Closing Associate

UK Office

Nat Baldwin

Linda Shannon

Jack Gillespie


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