Hilco Streambank’s CEO Gabe Fried began liquidating intangibles in 2000 when he was retained to dispose of his former employer’s digital and trademark assets. During this initial assignment he learned several valuable lessons. First, the market needs intangible asset disposition expertise - navigating restructurings wasn’t the forte of IP brokers, and other asset disposition firms had no intellectual property expertise. Second, understanding the intrinsic value of the assets and how that could be conveyed to a buyer was missing from most processes. Finally, the exclusive nature of intangibles creates strategic value for the owner not found in other asset classes, and the universe of strategic competitors was often quite broad.

Gabe pioneered the distressed brokerage of intangibles during his roles as liquidator, auctioneer, investor, buyer’s agent, expert witness, and appraiser. As a freelance IP sales agent, Gabe worked through a number of retail and manufacturing cases from 2000 until 2007 when he launched Streambank in order to build a team. After 4 years of working most major insolvency cases in the U.S. with intellectual property assets, the Streambank team joined Hilco in 2011.

Gabe has a Bachelor of Arts degree (with honors) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and was a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Illinois, Champaign–Urbana. He has worked on several hundred appraisals of intellectual property assets for lenders and testifies as an expert in cases involving disputes over intellectual property value as well as sale process integrity.

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