Jack Gillespie joined Hilco Streambank in 2018 as a specialist in the appraisal of intangible assets. He started his career valuing intangible assets for companies looking to raise financing, and has since gained extensive experience of valuing intangibles in a variety of scenarios, including corporate restructuring, asset transfers, asset disposals, and purchase price allocation. Jack also has experience identifying intangible assets for corporate audits and due diligence exercises, and has worked to identify intangible assets capable of being used for asset-based lending for leading banks in the UK. At Hilco Streambank, his work involves valuing intangible assets in distressed scenarios in line with the International Valuation Standards, and also conducting intangible asset disposals.

Jack has a first class honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Strathclyde, and holds a keen interest in statistical modelling and big data. He enjoys applying his mathematical knowledge to valuations, and has implemented a number of unique statistical and mathematical models as part of his valuation work.

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