Nat Baldwin has unique experience advising clients on distressed and healthy intellectual property at the highest level. Nat has led the appraisal and disposal of intellectual property assets in a number of high profile cases, including, but not limited to: Monarch Airlines, Bank Fashion, Secure Electrans, WeeWorld, Internacionale, John Letters Golf, Money Republic, Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness, Burdens Group, MacB Flavoured Water, Land of Leather and MFI.

His expertise is in monetizing a wide spectrum of intellectual property asset types, including trademarks and trade dress, patents, copyrights, licensing agreements, trade secrets, customer lists, domain names and web content, and databases/libraries.

He is a frequent speaker on intellectual property, particularly in the insolvency and restructuring space. He is a regular speaker/panelist to professional bodies and at industry events. Nat has been named in the TRI 250 “Hall of Fame,” which recognizes those responsible for the progression of industry standards, and inspiring excellence across the restructuring industry.

Nat gained his law degree from Edinburgh University before completing a legal diploma and qualifying as a lawyer at an international law firm. His interest in intellectual property started at an early age when he invented an eco-friendly "frog-bin" that went into mass production. He enjoys travel and spent a year working in Cuba teaching English at the University of Matanzas.

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