Hilco Streambank and Rock Creek Advisors are seeking offers to acquire or license certain assets of DAQRI. The assets include a portfolio of 175+ granted design and utility patents and pending patent applications across a broad spectrum of augmented reality (“AR”) technology fields, as well as trademarks and domain names. The seller will entertain offers to acquire or license the patent portfolio.

opportunity-imageDAQRI’s patented technology has penetrated the rapidly growing and highly innovative AR market. The portfolio of patents has achieved commercial acceptance with over 120 customers in the marketplace utilizing the headsets and software. The technology has been deployed in a wide range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals, construction, consumer electronics, beauty and more, and can be customized and leveraged across virtually any other industry.

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As of mid-2019, DAQRI’s customers had purchased and were integrating over 700 units of this state-of-the-art technology in their warehouses, manufacturing facilities and in the field. Numerous customers conducted initial field testing resulting in 30-50% increases in workforce efficiency and accuracy when completing critical tasks. This uptick in performance saves critical resources and prevents costly downtime and user error that often occur when completing tasks without the DAQRI technology.

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Patent-WheelDAQRI built a name in the AR space by developing and delivering professional-grade augmented reality solutions to its 120+ corporate clients across many markets and industries. DAQRI solutions are supported by a global patent portfolio covering virtually all the foundational software and hardware elements required to support industry leading head-worn computing solutions as detailed below. The patent portfolio contains priority dates as early as 2013.

DAQRI’s two primary product lines were the head-worn hardware (DAQRI Smart Glasses®) and the software platform (DAQRI Worksense®). Together, the two technologies linked digital content to the real world to accelerate productivity, communication, and key business processes.

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The DAQRI patent portfolio is comprehensive, with over 175 granted and pending patents. The portfolio protects a wide range of features and uses on a worldwide basis, including core technologies for AR solutions. The company’s products, which were crafted using the patents as a foundation, have been commercialized and deployed in the marketplace.

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175+ Granted and Pending Patent Applications
patented• 97 granted utility patents
• 51 pending utility patents
• 30 granted design patents
• 1 pending design patent

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glasses-sectionErgonomically and modularly designed, the DAQRI Smart Glasses® product line offers its user an ultra low-latency digital rendering solution for complex tasks that require extensive industry or product knowledge, reducing safety risks, and increasing efficiency and accuracy. The hardware features a wide field of view and can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. Paired with the DAQRI Worksense® software platform, workforces operated intelligently, efficiently and productively by receiving environmentally-based data directly into the user’s field of vision in real-time, allowing a previously unseen view into a landscape that provides valuable guidance and critical information for completing tasks.

worksense-imageDAQRI Worksense® is a standardized platform solution for work processes with a complete app suite for digital workforces. The platform offered numerous advantages via its software that directly improve workforce effectiveness. DAQRI Worksense® focused on improving everyday job functions by giving the user the capability to add a digital layer to the environment that can be manipulated and shared with colleagues, all in real-time.



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Offers to buy or license the DAQRI patent assets are due on or before April 14, 2020. The seller will entertain offers for the entire patent portfolio, as well as subsets of the portfolio.

Please contact Hilco Streambank or Rock Creek Advisors for more information about the sale process as well as access to the online due diligence data room.