1-grocery-storeHilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the patent portfolio of the leading in-store behavior sensing and retail analytics platform. The patents — which have been commercialized — cover video analytics, multi-camera and mobile tracking, multimodal fusion, machine learning, shopper science and a broad suite of potential applications for optimizing shopping experience, store digitization, marketing, merchandising, store design and retail operations.

The patent owner (the “Company”) will entertain acquisition/licensing offers for the entire portfolio, or subsets of the portfolio.


The Company utilizes the patented technologies for computer vision, mobile tracking, big data analysis and artificial intelligence to provide in-store behavior analytics solutions to retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.


Application to
• cashier free (frictionless) checkout
• retail and video analytics
• video surveillance
• mobile tracking



cart analytics
Opportunity to Buy or License Key Patents Covering Behavior Analytics

While online retailers have visibility into the entire “path to purchase” funnel, brick-and-mortar retailers and CPGs need additional assistance to gain insights into shopper behavior. Using patented sensing and artificial intelligence technologies, the Company can capture and interpret in-store behavior, helping retailers and CPGs reduce “shopping friction” to optimize store performance, understand shopping patterns for their products and categories and improve conversion. The Company is also able to combine in-store behavior data with other data sources, including transactions, planograms, product mapping, loyalty and promotions to generate meaningful data analytics services for its partners.

Broad Claims Covering Video Analytics, Retail Analytics, Mobile Tracking and Frictionless Checkout

The Company’s robust patent portfolio includes 46 powerful patents for behavior sensing and interpretation for retail and other applications.



Opportunity to Tap Into a Growing Market

The Company has commercialized much of the patent portfolio, and currently partners with more than 50 retailers and CPG companies to deliver data analytics revealing in-store shopper behavior. Retailers use the data to optimize their store formats and test new concepts. The Company’s CPG clients receive syndicated shopper insights, allowing them to work with retailers on shopper marketing strategies, category management, brand strength tracking and custom in-store shopper behavior analysis. Opportunities to apply the technology in other arenas, particularly to commercialize it in frictionless checkout, are endless.


Global Retail Analytics Market
Expected to Reach
$9.5B by 20251


Global In-Store Analytics Market
Expected to Post a CAGR of
Over 22% by 20232




Offers to purchase all or a subset of the patents, or to license all or a subset of the patents, are due on or before March 11, 2020. Please contact Hilco Streambank for more information about the process.

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