Opportunity - Country Curtains®

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers for the intellectual property assets of Country Curtains®, including its trademarks, domain names, customer database, proprietary product design library, social media, and e-commerce website.


Country Curtains®, a sixty-year-old home décor business headquartered in Massachusetts, operated 19 retail locations, a direct to consumer business utilizing the e-commerce website, and the Country Curtains catalog. Country Curtains’® highest grossing product categories were Curtains, Top Treatments, Shades & Blinds, Bedding and Rods & Hardware, which generated nearly 90% of total sales.

The Country Curtains customer is extremely loyal. The brand is known for its vast selection of styles and products, that provide made to order quality at ready-made prices. Capitalizing on its extensive product selection and commitment to excellent customer experience positioned Country Curtains® as the trusted source for high quality home décor built around window covering solutions that cater to a wide variety of preferences and tastes.

Assets For Sale


The Country Curtains® brand is trademarked in several countries and regions. The Company's other registered trademarks include: Prospect + Vine®, Sheffield® and Hinsdale® among others. Trademark counts per region are below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 6.06.39 PM

Customer Data

  • Country Curtains® maintains a customer database of approximately 520,000 active and engaged customers who have interacted with Country Curtains® marketing efforts in the last 24 months each with a valid email address.
  • The database also contains over 13 million physical mailing addresses, 845K of which have transacted over the last 4 years.

E-Commerce Platform and Domain Names:

Country Curtains® operated an E-Commerce-enabled website through the URL. In addition to the domain, Country Curtains® has 19 registered domains, including:


A full list of domains is available in the virtual data room.

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Proprietary Product Designs Library:

  • Country Curtains® has built over 10,000 SKUs across various product categories.
  • Each SKU is aggregated into 1,177 uniquely named designs for its various product lines.
  • A library of these design files is maintained and includes detailed product specifications for each design as well as over 30,000 stock images for the collection of unique designs.


Country Curtains® generated $71.7M, $59.3M, and $57.3M in total sales in CY2014, CY2015, and CY2016 respectively. In CY2016, Country Curtains® mailed 18.7 million catalogs which supported its E-Commerce, Retail and Call Center channels.

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In CY2016, Country Curtains® generated $25.5M in revenue from retail sales, with an average order value of $165. As of June, 2017, the Company operated 19 retail locations across 12 states.


In CY2016, the e-commerce website generated $21.4M in revenue through 6 million visits. During this period, the average order value from web sales was $136 and the digital marketing cost per visit was $0.17.

Call Center

In CY2016, Country Curtains® generated $10.4M in revenue from phone orders to the Company’s call center.

Diligence & Sale Process

Bids Due Friday January 19, 2018 @ 5PM ET

Country Curtains® is looking for offers to acquire all of its intellectual property and related assets. Hilco Streambank has set up a virtual data room with additional diligence materials, which can be made available to parties under an executed confidentiality agreement. Please contact Hilco Streambank for additional information.