Intellectual Property Acquisition Opportunity:  EcoMotors

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Hilco Streambank has been retained by secured lender Ares Capital Corporation to market and sell the patent portfolio, equipment, prototypes, inventory and related know-how of EcoMotors, designer of opposed-piston opposed cylinder (OPOC) high efficiency engines.



EcoMotors, based in Michigan, was founded in 2008. EcoMotors developed advanced technology to support commercial production of the OPOC engine. EM’s OPOC architecture uses fewer parts and offer significant increases in fuel efficiency, reductions in weight, emissions, and cost compared to the conventional internal combustion engines. Applications are wide ranging, and include; passenger & commercial vehicles, agriculture & construction equipment, marine propulsion & auxiliary equipment, and power generation. EcoMotor’s engine designs are compatible with a variety of different fuels.

EcoMotors obtained or filed 60 patents in the US, China and elsewhere. Additionally, EcoMotors attracted the attention of some of the larger US engine manufacturers and developed partnerships in China for both lower cost manufacturing and access to the Chinese auto market.


Product Overview-OPOC®

EM’s patented opoc® design is a ground-breaking internal combustion engine family that will run on conventional fuels and utilize existing fueling infrastructure. The proprietary engine design has a number of distinctive features:

  • 2 opposed pistons in each cylinder form the combustion chamber, eliminating the conventional cylinder-head.

  • 2 identical cylinders, arranged symmetrically about the central crankshaft, enable perfectly balanced operation.

  • 360 degree intake and exhaust ports, in combination with an electronically controlled turbocharger, make it possible to eliminate the conventional valve train and help optimize combustion.

  • In “dual-module” configuration, half the engine can be shut-down when power demand is low, delivering dramatic fuel economy gains.

  • Eliminating the cylinder-head and valve-train components of conventional engines leads to an efficient, compact and simple core engine structure. The result is lighter, more efficient and economical, and clean burning.


Sale Process

An online data room with diligence materials has been organized.  Access to the data room will be provided to interested parties after execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Bids are requested no later than 5PM ET on Friday, September 15, 2017.