At the end of 2019, Hilco Streambank successfully closed the sale of affordable housing credits (“Credits”) in Hawai'i County, Hawaii. On the heels of that transaction and in response to the outpouring of interest, we are offering real estate developers and investors in Hawai'i County, Hawaii the opportunity to acquire additional Credits. A block of up to 10 Credits is being offered, but additional Credits may be made available upon request. The Credits were granted by Hawai'i County on November 17, 2015. The Credits may be utilized for any project on the Big Island, with no radius restrictions.


Interested parties should contact Hilco Streambank
for more information on how to submit an offer.

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Use Of Affordable Housing Credits To Meet Affordable Housing Requirements

The state of Hawaii requires developers of certain residential units, resorts, hotels, and industrial projects to construct affordable units or lots within a certain proximity to their other projects.

In lieu of the construction of affordable housing units, developers may utilize excess affordable housing credits granted by Hawai'i County under an Affordable Housing Agreement. These credits do not expire, may be resold, and are transferable to developers of other projects.

*Hilco Streambank is not offering legal advice regarding Hawaii law or the Credits, including the potential use thereof.


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