Intellectual Property Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the intellectual property assets of MADE-BY, an award-winning sustainable fashion consultancy.


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Brian Baker of Kingston Smith & Partners LLP as Liquidator of MADE-BY Label UK Limited (in Liquidation) (“MADE-BY” or “the Company”) has appointed Hilco Streambank to actively seek interested parties with regards to the sale of the Company’s intellectual property assets.

MADE-BY is an award-winning global not-for-profit organisation acting to improve environmental and social conditions within the fashion industry. Through targeted consultancy, partnerships and stakeholder engagement, MADE-BY has worked with over 100 brands and retailers including Acne, Eileen Fisher, H&M, Hugo Boss, Kering Group, LVMH Group, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger and G-Star.

Formed in response to rising consumer concern over sustainability issues in the fashion world, MADE-BY has been at the forefront of driving sustainability transformation for over a decade. The organisation’s expertise spans strategy development, implementation support, stakeholder engagement, capacity building within the supply chain and engagement in multi-stakeholder projects with governments and the European Commission.

MADE-BY has worked with key stakeholder groups and fashion brands and retailers of all sizes on impactful sustainability programmes. MADE-BY’s consultancy packages Detox, Sustainable Collection, Cotton Options, People and Leather focus on social and environmental issues throughout the entire apparel value chain from raw materials to finished products.

Notably, MADE-BY has developed a number of recognised benchmarks and sustainability measurement tools which have been central to its services and expertise. These include MODE Tracker which supports fashion brands and retailers in improving their sustainability performance through measuring and communicating year-on-year progress on a range of key impact areas.

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MADE-BY has been established for over 10 years and is recognised as a respected leader in its specialist area. The brand is well-known within the sustainability community and the fashion and apparel industry globally.

MADE-BY’s profile has been enhanced by accolades such as being selected as Consultancy of the Year at the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, its contributions to thought pieces, speaking events and press coverage received.

The MADE-BY motto "fashion with respect for people and planet" and its mission statement "to make sustainable fashion common practice" clearly convey the brand's goals.

The MADE-BY Blue Button Label, in both logo and physical forms, is well-recognised. To communicate their commitment, once there is evidence of sustainability within their supply chains, partner brands can show consumers they are working with MADE-BY by using this Blue Button Label. This endorsement tool has further promoted awareness of the brand and conveys the valued credibility and independence which MADE-BY is associated with.


The MADE-BY brand name and logo is protected by international trade marks (registration numbers 0793624, 0777850 and 1021499) which are registered in the appropriate trade mark class 25.

Website Content

The professionally developed MADE-BY website contains information on MADE-BY, its services and projects. It also features an active news section and attractive imagery.

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Mode Tracker

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MODE Tracker is a professional sustainability strategy setting, road mapping and
performance-tracking tool, developed by the Company specifically for fashion brands and retailers.

MODE Tracker’s roadmap is made up of eight ‘Cubes’ (Transparency, Product, People, Manufacturing, Packaging & Transport, Own Operations, Use & Durability and Product Waste) which together span the full product lifecycle. By tracking various data points in these areas, MODE Tracker allows companies to effectively assess the environmentetal and social conditions of their operations. Reports produced on retailers’ year-on-year progress are used to demonstrate their progress towards meeting best practice in each area.

MODE Tracker’s framework, criteria, scoring and evidence requirements for each Cube were created in consultation with over 50 industry experts. 

MODE Tracker is a valued income-generating component of the MADE-BY offering. G-Star, Haikure, Just Brands, Ted Baker, VIVOBAREFOOT and WE Fashion having published their MODE Tracker results.

Further Analytical Tools and Benchmarks

In addition to MODE Tracker, a number of other established reporting and analytical tools developed by the Company support companies in gaining greater visibility into the products and processes within their supply chain.

These include:

  • MADE-BY Wet Processing Benchmark and Wet Processing Tool
  • Leather Tool
  • Cotton Tracker
  • Fibre Benchmark: used by brands including G-Star and H&M.

Organizational Knowledge

MADE-BY’s organisational knowledge includes the methodology, data collection template, documentation, resources, data and reporting format supporting its tools and benchmarks, as well as historic outputs. Marketing material and imagery is also held.

Client Relationships

MADE-BY has developed strong relationships with a number of partners and clients including those contracted to the MODE Tracker programme. Its client list included a number of high-profile retailers.

Sale Process

Offer Deadline

Offers are due October 25, 2018 at Noon BST.

Please contact Hilco Streambank to express your interest and obtain further information.

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