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Millivision Technologies

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Hilco Streambank has been retained as the exclusive agent for purposes of marketing and selling the intellectual property portfolio and related assets of Millivision Technologies (the “Company”). The Company has ceased operations and is currently selling off all remaining assets.


Millivision Technologies, located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, develops, manufactures, and markets products for the security, law enforcement, loss prevention and safety markets. The Company focuses on the use of Passive Millimeter Wave (“PMMW”) technology to detect concealed objects hidden on the human body. It will detect objects regardless of material and temperature of objects. The Company’s mission is to deliver reliable, privacy-sensitive, cost-efficient threat detection systems (body-scanners) that are safe for both subjects and operators.

The Company has developed a suite of safe, reliable, cost-efficient Advanced Imaging Technology (“AIT”) systems for use in the global aviation, transportation, security, and loss prevention markets. These systems are based on a patented suite of invention that combines PMMW detection with highly sophisticated Automated Threat Detection

(“ATD”) software to deliver detection results to security customers worldwide. The Company has aggressively cultivated market demand for its systems, and has commercialized and sold its line of Portal systems to one of the world’s largest technology companies – Sony Worldwide.

By developing technology advances in PMMW and ATD, the Company has addressed many of the challenges that previously affected market adoption of PMMW in favor of competing AIT solutions. As a result, the Company has developed a set of advanced, next-generation systems that do not expose screening subjects to ionizing radiation.

The Company’s screening systems enable the reliable, safe, and efficient detection of metallic and non-metallic objects including weapons, plastic explosives, cash, drugs and other contraband concealed beneath clothing, including those which are at or near body temperature.

The Company’s advanced prototypes provide many advantages over AIT systems currently deployed in the aviation and other security markets, including more reliable detection, enhanced privacy, assured safety, and ease of use. Further, the Company’s systems are expected to deliver very low operational cost at a highly competitive price point. The Company’s technology may be deployed in three distinct installation configurations; a traditional portal system, a walk-by system, and a stand-off detection system.

Due to the potential competitive advantages of the Company’s AIT systems, the Company is poised to capitalize on the growing demand in non-U.S. aviation markets for a passive, private and non-irradiating portal entry scanner. For example, the European Union in late 2011 prohibited the use of portal entry scanners based on backscatter technology, a primary AIT technology. Given the likelihood that countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa will also prefer PMMW solutions over active machines that rely on radiation, the international market for AIT systems may rapidly shift in favor of PMMW systems like those developed by the Company, particularly when combined with lower costs of acquisition and operation. As a result, this opportunity may be an important strategic asset for companies currently operating in the global aviation AIT market.

 In addition to aviation, the Company’s systems address security challenges in a variety of other markets, including non-aviation transportation, private (commercial) security, and defense. A potential acquirer could leverage the Company’s portfolio of intellectual property, advanced next-generation prototypes, and fully-commercialized private security systems to secure an important technology discriminator in these markets. 

The Company’s X250 Scanning System is the only passive technology available that can reliably detect subtle non-reflective objects at body temperature. Their patented technology enables detection of both reflective and non-reflective/subtle targets (like plastic explosives) that are on the body—at body temperature and in environments up to 80º F (27º C).

Features and Benefits of the Millivision technology:

  • Safe – Unlike Active or x-ray systems Millivision’ s PMMW technology does not produce or subject
  • individuals to any forms of harmful radiation.
  • Avoids Privacy Issues – Concealed threats hidden on the body may be detected without the need for hands-on
    searches. Millivision’s proprietary ATD tool eliminates the need for operators to view the millimeter wave
  • Low Operating Costs – Millivision’s ATD tool makes detection easy, requires minimal staffing and eliminates
    operator fatigue.
  • Rapid Throughput/Minimal Queuing Time – Simple entry/exit system provides maximum throughput for faster
  • Tunable, Accurate Detection – System parameters may be tuned to application specific detection goals,
    helping to balance false alarm rates, detection sensitivity and subject throughput.
  • Broad Range of Detectable Objects – Patented technology enables detection of both metallic and nonmetallic
    objects hidden on the body. Ceramic knives, composite guns, and shrapnel-laden explosives are among the
    many types of objects easily detectable.
  • Multiple-Object Detection – Not limited to single-object detection; will detect and show all hidden objects
  • Operator Flexibility – Provides flexibility in how and where operators are located. Operators can sit at a
    control desk using a traditional computer display to view images or be located anywhere in the world through
    a network connection.
  • Easy to Use – With minimal training, operators can become proficient in managing and directing subjects, as
    well as accurate identification of concealed objects.
  • Standard System – The standard system includes everything required for turnkey operation.


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• 5,047,783

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• 5,145,809

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• 5,227,800

• 5,760,397

• 6,878,939

• 6,900,438

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Hilco Streambank is currently marketing this opportunity. An online data room houses further diligence
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