Intellectual Property Acquisition Opportunity

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National Gardening Association, Inc


Garden Bid Deadline: February 9, 2016 at 5 PM EST


Hilco Streambank is the exclusive agent for the sale of the intellectual property assets (the “Assets”) of National Gardening Association, Inc (NGA). The Assets include trademarks, domain names, customer database, established advertising opportunities and content libraries.


National Gardening Association, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization founded in Vermont in 1973 to sustain and renew the fundamental links between people, plants and the environment. Through gardening, the Organization promotes environmental responsibility, advances multidisciplinary learning, scientific literacy, and creates partnerships that restore and enhance communities.

The Organization supports a number of programs and informational activities that promote gardening education and the gardening industry. The, website provides information and guidance to gardeners, gardening industry professionals and educators. domain has been a reliable resource for gardeners for 19 years. In addition to being a valuable gardening resource as a result of its breadth of content, NGA has generated significant annual advertising revenue between in house and third party sales efforts over the past 6 years.

NGA offers the internet’s largest and most respected source for online gardening content, gardening related databases and related services. Perpetual content licenses are currently in place with HGTV, ServiceMaster Brands Management and the True Value Company.



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  • National Gardening Association®
  • Give a Garden®
  • National Garden Month®
  • NYC Grows®

Domain Names


Website –

  • Significant advertising revenue
  • High Google rankings – Search term “Garden” ranks #2 on page one of Google search
  • Over 4MM unique users 2015YTD and over 9.5MM page views 2015YTD
  • LAMP environment hosted on Apache web server (details provided within the confidential diligence package)
  • Home grown content management database based on a MySQL back end with PHP front end (details provided within the confidential diligence package)

E-Mail Database

  • 148,981 newsletter subscribers
  • 237,034 opt-in subscribers to receive “selected third-party offers”

Content Licensing

NGA has curated and created a vast library of content that is suitable for licensing, including the following:Streambank NGA Image 2

  • Gardening 101 Library
  • Learn and Grow Library
  • Weed Library
  • Pest Library
  • How-to Project Library
  • Plant Care Guides
  • Daily Tip Collections
  • Garden Calculators
  • Tip of the Day Collection
  • Searchable Q&A


Data Room & NDA: A diligence package is available for parties under confidentiality agreement. For the NDA form and access to additional diligence information please contact the Hilco Streambank representatives listed below.

Bid Submission: The Assets will be offered either as a package or individually. Bid instructions and forms will be made available through the diligence package.

Bid Deadline: Interested parties that wish to acquire some or all of the assets must submit bids no later than February 9, 2016 at 5:00PM EST.