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Our Price

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the Our Price brand ("the Brand") and associated intangible assets. Our Price is a heritage brand in the music industry, which was historically traded in over 300 branded high street stores and generated over £266m in annual revenue.

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The Brand was historically traded through a chain of over 300 Our Price branded record stores in the UK from 1971 to 2004. The Brand historically recorded annual revenue of over £266m. Although the Brand was last traded as a record shop in 2004, it remains well known amongst the UK public. There is a strong feeling of nostalgia connected to the Brand which is well-documented across media exposure, many of which have customer anecdotes recalling purchasing their first record at one of the Our Price branded high street stores. 

Available Assets

Our Price Brand

The brand is well-known in the UK, having historically operated over 300 branded Our Price high street retail stores. Our Price represents a fantastic opportunity for those wishing to enter or expand into numerous markets, benefitting from the Brand's historic coverage and goodwill.

Trade Marks

The Brand is protected by a trade mark portfolio with international coverage. For more information, please see here


The Brand's domain names are outlined below: 










Our Price is one of the most recognisable record shop brands in the UK. With the share of album sales going on vinyl albums in the United Kingdom on the rise, the Our Price brand is well positioned to take advantage of the continuing growth. In 2009, vinyl albums accounted for 0.2% of all album sales, and this figure rose to 4.7% in 2016. With vinyl sales at a 25 year high, this rise demonstrates consumer's interest in the record shop culture, which the Our Price brand exemplifies. The opportunity to acquire the Brand provides an opportunity for a buyer to expand or enter the growing market. 

The Our Price brand and trade mark portfolio has a number of applicants, making it suitable for many different companies operating across a range of sectors, including price comparison websites ("PCWs") and discount retailers. The Brand is particularly relevant for a buyer seeking to enter or grow in the large and growing industry of PCWs. In 2017 the UK's Competition and Market Authority estimated that 85% of consumers have used such a site. The revenue of the largest four PCWs grew by 15% on average over 2015-2016. Given that the majority of the PCW market is concentrated in the UK and major companies in the market are also UK based, the ourprice.co.uk domain name would be particularly useful to a buyer seeking to capitalise on the growing market. 

Interested Parties

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