The Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire approximately 2,500 antique and replica period picture frames (the “Property”) from the collection of leading frame restorer Eli Wilner.

A sale of the Property will be conducted pursuant to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code by Hilco Streambank as agent for Iron Horse Credit LLC, a secured lender (the “Lender”).  



Antique and Replica Frames from an Industry Leader

A picture frame serves as a complement to a painting, drawing the eye to it, enhancing it, separating it and protecting it from its surroundings. The frame is not just an accompaniment to a work of art, but it is a work of art itself. This is particularly true of the frames in the collection of Eli Wilner, which includes antique 19th and 20th Century European and American frames along with highly precise and esteemed period frame replications.

The collection previously included frames adorning 28 paintings on the walls of the White House, as well as the hand-carved and gilded eagle-crested frame for Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, which is currently featured as the focal point of the American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The collection includes approximately 2,500 antique and replica period frames currently being securely stored in a climate-controlled fine art storage facility in Long Island, New York. Potential buyers can purchase frames as a collection or individually. Appointments to inspect the frames can be arranged with Hilco Streambank.  

An appraisal covering a portion of the collection is available to interested parties upon signing an NDA.




Liens, Claims and Encumbrances; As Is, Where Is

 The Property will be sold free and clear of Lender’s lien and any subordinate security interests in the Property. The Property is being sold without recourse to the Lender and its attorneys, agents or representatives. The Lender does not claim title to the Property being sold hereunder and disclaims any warranty of title, possession and the like in the sale.