Acquisition Opportunity:

Portfolio of Brands in the Organic Food, Grocery and Natural Product Categories

Full disclosure of brand portfolio will be provided upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement.


Hilco Streambank has been engaged to sell a portfolio of trademarks and domain names developed and owned by a well established membership-only warehouse club. The assets present the opportunity to leverage strong generic brands in the fastest growing categories in retail food, grocery and pet product distribution.


A well-established private label line of natural and/or organic food and retail products was created and registered in 2009 by a highly recognized membership-only warehouse club. The portfolio includes trademarks, logos, artwork and brand guides which covered approximately 150 SKU's in the grocery, frozen and prepared foods, baby and pet product aisles. Sales under these brands are over $200 million annually in over 200 stores across the United States. The brands are protected by trademarks using the following key brand identifiers: “Organics”; “All Natural”; "Pet"; “Earth”; and “Healthy".

These brands provide positioning for food products and supplements that are marketed as affordable, healthy, natural and/or organic including a full line of frozen and prepared food, children’s snacks, confectionery goods, vitamins and pet foods. In the home goods categories, the brands provide positioning for products that are marketed as affordable, earth friendly and natural including full lines of toiletry products, personal care products, hair care products, and skin care products, for babies, children and adults.



10 Trademarks in total using key brand identifiers ("Organics"; "All Natural"; "Pet"; "Earth"; and "Healthy") covering 18 different classes.

Domain Names

6 Branded Domain Names
The portfolio includes (Dot)Com Domain Names corresponding to the brands in the portfolio. The domains are intended for use in E-Commerce application.

Full List of Trademarks:



Reg. Date


All Natural Marks

Snacks and trail mix, consisting of processed nuts, seeds, dried fruit and chocolate; beef patties; appetizers primarily consisting of chicken or beef.
Chocolates, spices, salf and pepper, pot pies.




Organics Marks

Butter; frozen vegetables; olive oil; milk, and soy milk.
Frozen pizza and salad dressing.
Fruit juices.




Pet Marks


Dry dog food, dry cat food.




Earth Marks

Plastic cutlery, namely, knives, forks and spoons.
Paper towels, paper napkins and bath tissue.
Paper plates.




Earth Marks


Disposable diapers for babies.




Earth Marks


Vitamins, dietary and nutritional supplements.




Earth Marks


Hair care products, namely, shampoos and conditioners; skin care products, namely, cleansers, moisturizers, and body wash; baby wipes.



Helpings Marks


Frozen prepared meals consisting primarily of chicken nuggets.
Crackers, frozen prepared meals consisting primarily of macaroni and cheese.




Branded Mark


Oils, namely, olive and vegetable oils, processed olives; cheese; and frozen meatballs.
Pasta; pasta sauces; pizza.




Confectionery Mark


Nuts, namely, roasted nuts and shelled nuts.





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