Acquisition Opportunity


Hilco Streambank is delighted to solicit offers to acquire the business and assets of guestroom technology business Quadriga Holdings Limited (in Administration) and Quadriga Worldwide Limited (in Administration) on behalf of the Joint Administrators of the Companies.


Friday, March 29, 2019 at Noon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Business Background

Hilco Streambank has been appointed by Ian Robert and Chris Purkiss of Kingston Smith & Partners as the Joint Administrators of Quadriga Holdings Limited (in Administration) and Quadriga Worldwide Limited (in Administration) (together "Quadriga" or the "Companies") to actively seek interested parties with regards to the sale of the business and assets of the Companies. 

Quadriga is a leading supplier of in-room entertainment and connectivity services to the hotel, leisure and healthcare industries globally. 

Quadriga provides guest technology managed services and integrated solutions, centred on the Companies' Sensiq technology platform, which enhance engagement, generate additional revenue, and drive value for hotels through a continued focus on the customer experience. Quadriga has been at the forefront of hospitality guest technology for over 30 years, using technology to enrich guest stays by creating "better than home" experiences. 

Quadriga's next-generation guestroom technology services are relied upon by many hospitality and healthcare customers with whom Quadriga has developed excellent long-standing relationships. Quadriga is a provider to many of the world's leading hotel brands including InterContinental Hotels Group, Accor, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Hilton and Marriott International. Sensiq is currently deployed in far in excess of 100,000 hotel rooms across hundreds of properties internationally. 

From new entertainment system installation projects to upgrades of existing network infrastructure, Quadriga designs, implements and manages cost-effective solutions which allow connected guests to access entertainment and information resources. Quadriga operates an integration model of combining its own advanced proprietary technology with that of third-party providers of technology and content, providing all of the services and tools required to deliver managed entertainment services to clients' guests and creating the opportunity for hoteliers to commercialize new business and revenue options using in-built tools. 

The current acquisition process offers a buyer the opportunity to capitalize on the established customer and supplier relationships which Quadriga has built over years of operating at the forefront of the industry, to capture recurring contractural income and to secure revenue-generating intellectual property and software assets. 

Technology & Software Assets

Quadriga's fully-digital interactive solution, which delivers services to hotels, runs on the Companies' Sensiq technology platform. Guests access services through the TV set in their room. Services include: 

  • Entertainment - guests are presented with a wealth of video entertainment choice with content including the latest movies and short programmes. 
  • Music & Radio - a jukebox of music titles is available to guests as is local, world or web radio. 
  • TV Channels - a wide range of Pay TV channels are available, together with a selection of complimentary channels. Sensiq provides a mix of TV content via a combination of Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial digital TV channels over IP and COAX.
  • Laptop Internet - available from bedrooms, meeting rooms and open spaces. Guests can access their company's VPN network as well as the Internet. Access is either through a wireless network connection or through a 'Deskport' (CAT-5 connection) in guest bedrooms.
  • TV Internet - guests can access the internet through the TV set in their bedroom.
  • News & Weather
  • Hotel Information - hotels can integrate their web-based content onto the main menu. Hotels can promote services and provide information to guests using the internet. Hotel Information combines a content management system (CRM) with links directly from the Sensiq main menu to specific hotel-related websites. 
  • Guest Services - including: the ability for hotel staff to send messages and announcements to individual guests or groups of guests; bill viewing; express check-out through the TV; wake-up calls and child locks.

Hotel staff use the Hotel Management Portal, a web-based application, to manage their Sensiq services, such as sending messages to guests via the in-room TV and to check-in/check-out guests. Staff can obtain reporting information on a guest's Sensiq activities and purchases. Using the Housekeeping Menus, housekeepers can change the status for the rooms, record minibar consumption, report room faults, report lost/found items and view messages. Interactive Customisation Tools enable changes to the look and feel of Sensiq to conform to a hotel's branding requirements. 

Sensiq is built on industry standard open source SOA platforms using core technologies such as HTML5, JS, CSS3, Java, J2EE, NodeJs, PhP, postgresql and Oracle database. The embedded code is developed C, C++, Java and Objective C to deliver settop box, Android and iOS App capable of handling HD and 4K content. 

Quadriga has capabilities to design, build and manage IP network infrastructure. The provisioning for both InRoom and Public space over wired and wireless is supported over Ethernet, coaxial (DOCSIS 3.0) and fibre (GPON) cabled environment. Quadriga technology supports fully both converged and mono-network management with the following management services: 

  • Service over converged network - {Guest Services, VoIP telephony, Backoffice data, Third-party vendor solutions}
  • Security - {Stateful Firewall, Network isolation, DOS attacks, and others}
  • UTM - {VPN, Web filtering}
  • Network design and installation - {GPON, CATS/6/ETH, Fibre, Wireless}
  • Gateway integration - {various certified third parties}
  • Network support for Conferences
  • Broadband Provisioning - {DSL, ETH, Fibre, Link aggregation}

Quadriga's "Hub" solution is a Business Support System/Operational Support System. It is the central database at the heart of Quadriga's content management and guest pricing solution. It provides real-time control, reports and support to all of Quadriga's Sensiq systems. The Hub also manages Audio and Video content. It also plays a central role in billing. 

Notably, Quadriga and the platform are Marriott approved (GRE certification and GPNS network deployment) with very few vendors being approved. It supports a large scope of the PMS integration, a wide range of SmartTV models and software versions from Phillips, Samsung and LG, manages SmartTV apps including Netflix, is approved by Sky Digital channels in the UK and features integrated network operations centres (NOC) for centralised operation management. 

Quadriga has invested heavily in the development of its platform, generating 300MB of copyrighted source code. The software has been continually developed and refined over a number of years. 

Further Available Assets



Innovative elements of Quadriga's technology and solutions are protected by a number of patent families, covering key technical features of Sensiq and Genesis (a previous version of the Sensiq product). A schedule is available as part of a virtual data room. 

Registered Designs

Registered designs covered the graphic user interface of the Sensiq product. A schedule is available as part of a virtual data room. 

Corporate & Product Brands

Quadriga's brand and reputation has enabled it to establish long-term and trusted customer relationships with many of the world's leading hotel chains. The Quadriga brand name has been traded for over 20 years, with the business's heritage dating back to 1908. The brand is associated with a high level of customer service and innovation. Quadriga is relied on by discerning clients, with the Sensiq platform having, for example, achieved Marriot approval. The Companies pioneered guest technology and have benefitted from first-mover advantage and establishing barriers to competition. The strength of Quadriga's technology has been recognised by the industry with awards such as the "Most Innovative Hospitality Technology Award". 

Trade Marks

The Companies comprehensive trade mark portfolio protects the "Quadriga" corporate brand and key product brands including "Sensiq", "Genesis", "Select" and "Smoovie" in numerous territories internationally. A schedule is available as part of a virtual data room. 

Website Content

Copyright in the Quadriga-related content of the informational website currently hosted at www.quadriga.com. 

Domain Name

The key Quadriga.com branded domain name. 

Fixed Assets

The Companies' tangible assets include servers, hardware and stock in relation to the company operations, technology platforms, stock depot and customer sites. 

Client Relationships & Customer Contracts

Quadriga has long-established relationships with hospitality and healthcare clients, including many of the world's leading hotel chains and private hospitals. Numerous valuable contracts are in place which generate significant recurring revenue. 

Partner & Supplier Relationships

Quadriga has established key supplier relationships with companies that support Quadriga's integration model of combining its own technology with that of third party providers of technology and content in many of which Quadriga has negotiated preferred customer and/or exclusive supply terms. 

Organizational Knowledge

Organization knowledge supporting the Quadriga business includes technical documentation, information within Quadriga's network operating centre, and hub data centre, and an extensive client database. 

Shareholdings in Subsidiaries

Other Quadriga group companies in the US and Europe are unaffected by the administration. 

Interested Parties

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