Intellectual Property Acquisition Opportunity

Senient Systems Limited (in Liquidation)

Claire Middlebrook as the Liquidator of Senient Systems Limited (in Liquidation) (“Senient Systems” or the “Company”) has appointed Hilco Streambank to actively seek interested parties with regard to the sale of certain assets (the “Assets”) of the Company. 


Founded in 2013 and having raised £1.6m of equity investment, Senient Systems developed a suite of hardware and software technologies that provide a simple, flexible, secure and efficient solution for modern enterprise and service provider workloads within cloud computing.

More than 70% of enterprises use hybrid clouds as part of their hosting infrastructure. These services provide flexibility in capacity for an enterprise by combining private and public computing infrastructure. However, due to the fragmented market, most IT departments split their resources between multiple services for their purchasing and management of these systems. As a result of this, the system used is disconnected between its components and environments, and is both complex and costly to manage.

Senient Systems has developed a suite of tools that break down these barriers between hybrid clouds, offering the most efficient hybrid cloud solution on the market.

Senient Container Appliance (SCA)

The SCA integrates all hardware resources required for modern cloud infrastructure into a standard, tool-less 2U rack mounted enclosure. It was built by the Company from the ground-up from off-the-shelf components, to provide processing capacity that is both scalable and flexible from a single device. The SCA features significantly lower energy consumption and significantly higher density compared with infrastructure from leading vendors, and is built with a focus on security, with physical separation of the management and resource modules ensuring that the complete system cannot be compromised in the case of attack.

Designs for both the current version and further designs incorporating improvements are available (the latter incorporating 10G, Xeon D-2100 processors, and updated PCI Express). The SCA can be deployed and managed across multiple data centres as a single pool of resources through the Senient Intelligent Management System (IMS).

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Senient Intelligent Management Solution (IMS)

The IMS is a software tool that provides orchestration and normalization in the management of either on or off-premises cloud and container infrastructure. The IMS is 100% API driven, designed with fully-distributed, resilient architecture, and automatically scales with the resources required. It provides a normalized view of all environmental metrics and events, allowing real-time analytics and automated response. It was designed to be used either a stand-alone tool or in combination with the SCA.

The IMS is at a pilot stage, having been developed by a team of around 3 engineers at the company over two and a half years.

A unique opportunity to acquire the prototypes and IP rights of a venture-backed start-up.

Senient Systems was backed by investors including Par Equity LLP and had raised £1.6m in funding over five years. The company was revenue generating before entering into liquidation.

The software and hardware were designed by a team with prior experience at major tech companies including Apple, Intel, and Cisco.

Senient Systems had produced and sold working prototypes of the system, securing relationships with top-tier suppliers such as Avnet and Intel, and signed master service agreements with contract manufacturers for PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, Sheet Metal work and aluminium die casting in Shenhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan.

A prospectus providing further technical detail on the Assets for sale is available on request under NDA.

Available Assets

Senient Container Appliance

Two physical SCA prototypes are available for sale, specifications of which are outlined below:

SCA Specifications

  • 48 resource modules & 2 management modules in a 2U rack mountable form factor 
  • Up to 384 CPU Cores (x86)
  • Up to 1.52TB RAM
  • Up to 96TB SSD Storage (250K / 25K IOPS)
  • 5Gpbs SDN / NFV fabric (aggregated 2.5Gbps links), 8x 10G SFP+ uplinks
  • Resource modules housing 2 connectors for DDRAM (2x16gb) and one connector for SSD’s (up to 2TB). These are able to use Atom C2750 and C2550 chips.

Senient Container Appliance – Designs

  • Design files are available for the SCA detailing both the current asset and a list of improvements.
  • Improved Designs include the PCB schematic and initial mechanical designs incorporating Xeon D-2100 processors and PCI Express.

Senient Intelligent Management System

Intellectual Property Rights in relation to the Company’s software. This is in pilot stage, having been developed by a team of in-house engineers over two and a half years.

IMS Features

  • Senient Command Line Interface (SCLI) - provides a fully functional user interface able to interact with SCA hardware and also integrate with existing third party orchestration / management systems.
  • Cluster Controller Interface (CCI) - fully functional original interface directly linking management of the physical hardware components inside the Senient enclosure through APIs.
  • Senient Controller Interface (SCI) - provides an interface to third party hardware as a cost-effective entry to Senient Systems products.

Company Trade Mark

The Company’s registered UK trademark, protecting the Senient Systems brand name and logo.

A Trade Mark schedule is available to download here.

Brand and Marketing Materials

  • Goodwill in the company brand.
  • The company has bespoke marketing materials developed by an award winning third party designs agency.

Domain Name and Website Content

  • The top tier domain name -
  • Copyright in the content and imagery at the Senient website.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter: @senient_systems

Facebook: Senient Systems

Sale Process

Please contact Hilco Streambank to obtain an NDA and for more information regarding the sale process. A Bid Submission Form for submitting bids for the intellectual property assets is available on request.

Key Terms & Conditions

The Liquidator acts as an Agents of the Company and without personal liability.

The bidder acknowledges that Hilco acts as an agent for the Liquadators who offer for sale only what right, title and interest (if any) the Company possesses in the assets. Such sale will be without any warranties, expressed or implied.

The information provided has not been verified by Hilco or the Liquidator and bidders are deemed to have carried out their own due diligence.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% will be payable by the buyer within 48 hours of bid acceptance. VAT, if applicable, at 20% will be added to the price. A buyer's premium of 10% of the sale price is payable by the winning bidder. Legal completion to occur within 5 business days of bid acceptance. Hilco Streambank's full Terms and Conditions apply. 

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