Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire the patent portfolio and related intellectual property assets of STB Ltd. (“STB”), including patents, specialized equipment, rights to trade secrets, and trademarks for the STB-FAST (Fibrin Adhesive STat) platform technology.

Due December 9, 2019

AssetsOpportunity Background 

STB developed a patented method and product designed to stop severe bleeding. The applications are far-reaching, including use in the battlefield, in surgery and trauma environments.

STB-FAST is a pre-investigational new drug (pre-IND) designed to rapidly attain hemostasis for moderate to severe bleeding in trauma and surgery applications. STB’s patented approach induces rapid blood clotting by the conversion of fibrinogen to cross-linked fibrin upon contact with bodily fluids.

The STB-FAST patented approach is superior to other technology currently on the market:

  • STB-FAST technologymarket-size-G expands the viability of the dressing and decreases mortality rate in applications such as trauma and surgery, including those involving the heart, liver and kidney, where bleeding is often extensive.
  • STB-FAST technology is resorbable by the body, thus not requiring secondary surgery to remove dressing particles, leading to lower risk of infection and less scarring.
  • STB increases commercial viability by using a patented and proprietary process of production to reduce the cost when produced at scale.

A Giant Leap Forward

The Need: Currently available and commonly used “hemostats are beneficial for treating minor surgical bleeding but ineffective for use in trauma to control life threatening hemorrhage seen in combat casualties. Therefore, there is a need for a highly effective, bio-absorbable hemostatic dressing that can be used safely to control internal hemorrhage in damage control operations and fill this capability gap in our combat support hospitals.”*

Conclusion: The results of the study on the STB-FAST technology “indicate a superior hemostatic efficacy of the FAST dressing that surpasses any other known hemostatic agent… In our opinion, it is a giant leap forward in hemorrhage control therapy which could potentially benefit both prehospital and in-hospital (surgical) care of combat casualties where no other means is effective or practical.”*

*Source: The U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research Assessment Report (2014)


Left Beakers

Rights to the Purification Process Trade Secrets

STB has also developed a fibrinogen purification process that allows for the production of material for FAST Dressing® and other FAST products, and conventional liquid (frozen or lyophilized) fibrin sealant. The purification process generates high quality materials at high output levels while maintaining low production costs

  • Uses conventional processing steps and equipment
  • Can use inexpensive Fraction 1 (F1) paste for fibrinogen source
  • High yield achievable
  • Purity is excellent (>95%)

technology-photoThe Technology—STB-FAST

The STB-FAST (Fibrin Adhesive STat) platform is a patented process whereby fibrinogen and thrombin are cold mixed, frozen and then freeze-dried onto an absorbable backing material with negligible catalyzed conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin.

  • The STB-FAST formula can be customized to meet the needs of the application based on severity to potentially reduce production costs for less severe applications.
  • STB-FAST technology allows for pre-fabrication to customized specifications for a particular application or can be cut to shape in the field as needed without losing effectiveness.
  • STB-FAST has been tested and verified to be stable for up to 3 years in its original packaging and stored at room temperature.
Due December 9, 2019

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