Closed Deals


Fresh & Easy


Hilco Streambank’s Role

Fresh & Easy retained Hilco Streambank to market and sell its intellectual property assets as part of its chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The assets available for sale included trademarks, domain names and a formulations database consisting of recipes, product specifications and more. 

The Brand

Fresh & Easy was founded by UK grocer Tesco in 2007 and quickly established operations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. At its peak, Fresh & Easy operated approximately 200 stores, providing affordable healthy foods and emphasizing natural and organic products in a convenient, easy to shop format.

Hilco Streambank Closed the Deal

Throughout 2016 and early 2017, Hilco Streambank ran a marketing campaign for the intellectual property assets and ultimately completed two sales. Wild Oats Marketing, LLC purchased substantially all of the assets for $100,000, and Peach Systems, Inc. d/b/a Specialty Cellars purchased the Big Kahuna trademark for $25,000.