Intellectual Property Services

Hilco Streambank provides a variety of services for clients with respect to intellectual property (IP) or other intangible assets. We help clients identify, preserve, and extract value from intellectual property with industry-leading experience, diligence, and creativity. 

  • Monetization Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Valuation Services

Monetization Services

We know how to market intangible asset portfolios across a variety of industries, from brand assets – including product and store names – to patents and applications. We combine our understanding of how to run a successful disposition project with our network of technical professionals, who provide research, packaging, and marketing expertise to support the sales process.

Intangible Assets

  • Trademarks, Trade Names
  • Service Marks
  • Lease Streams
  • Patents
  • Proprietary Software
  • Copyrights
  • Customer Lists
  • Customer Contracts
  • Favorable Supplier Contracts
  • IPv4 IP Addresses

Advisory Services

Buy-Side Services

Comprehensive Process

Hilco Streambank is regularly called upon to assist clients evaluate the potential acquisition of intangible assets and businesses in which such assets play a key role.  We assist in diligence gathering, process management, interfacing with the seller’s professionals and structuring the terms of an offer.  We provide valuation guidance based upon our extensive experience both in valuing intangible assets and running processes to dispose of those assets.  

Extensive Knowledge

We have our finger on the pulse of nearly every distressed asset sale in the retail and consumer brand space.  In these sale processes, we bring our extensive knowledge of intangible assets to bear on behalf of clients looking to purchase assets with a significant intangible component.


Hilco Streambank also frequently represents potential acquirers of patents who wish to remain anonymous in expressing their interest in a patent portfolio.  We assist these parties in negotiating the terms of a purchase or license agreement.

Lender Advisory Services

We regularly provide advisory services to lenders whose collateral includes intellectual property assets.

Our work on behalf of lenders may adapt as a sale process progresses – from supplementing a sale process to assisting in a possible credit bid.  Regardless of the ultimate goals of these lenders, we support them as they look to maximize the value of their collateral, whether through a sale or through a credit bid.

Supplementing Ongoing Sale Process

Sometimes lenders are seeking to supplement a sale process that is already underway, where it becomes apparent that intellectual property or ecommerce assets are important value drivers.  In these circumstances, we work alongside the borrower’s investment banker to supplement the diligence supporting the sale by ensuring that sufficient information regarding the intellectual property and related assets is gathered and provided to interested parties.  We also work to create a robust bidding environment by bringing additional parties from our extensive rolodex of contacts to the table.  

Buy-Side Advisory Services

Lenders may have an interest in credit bidding their debt to take control of their collateral, including collateral consisting of intellectual property.  Hilco Streambank regularly assists lenders in this situation – serving as a buy-side advisor.  We assist in diligence gathering, process management, interfacing with the seller’s professionals and structuring the terms of an offer.  

Valuation Services

Hilco Streambank's years of experience with distressed situations give us unique insights that help our clients meet their goals. Our appraisal process is designed to provide lenders with an accurate recovery estimate under a variety of disposition scenarios.

We provide expert advice on IP value maximization strategies and liquidity options. That includes guidance on likely recoveries, including timelines and cost estimates that enable stakeholders to make well–informed decisions quickly. We provide a liquidation roadmap and collateral monitoring suggestions with each appraisal. 

Hilco Streambank combines years of intangible asset valuation with expertise in distressed transactions, resulting in the best available market data and industry knowledge. To take advantage of our suite of services, contact David Peress at or Richelle Kalnit at

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