Intellectual Property Valuation

Hilco Streambank is one of the world’s recognized authorities on intellectual property valuation. As a leader in intangible asset disposition services, we provide sale data directly to the appraisal team, helping them better understand market values based on real-time information instead of less-reliable historical information and theoretical extrapolations of data.

Our appraisal process is designed to provide lenders with an accurate recovery estimate under a variety of disposition scenarios. Not only do we provide guidance on likely recoveries, but we also provide a time line and cost estimate that enable stakeholders to make well–informed decisions in the shortest time possible.

We provide a liquidation roadmap and collateral monitoring suggestions with each appraisal. Hilco Streambank creates comfort.

Reality-Based Appraisals

Reality-based appraisals are why more lenders rely on Hilco as their principal source of intangible asset value opinions for financings. We firmly believe that the ability to reliably value assets requires having an active participation in their sale. 

Our experienced disposition team understands valuations because it makes the market through its years of transactional work. We have delivered IP and intangibles valuations in a wide range of categories for companies such as:

  • Circuit City
  • Footstar
  • Borders
  • Berkline
  • Tower Records
  • Collins & Aikman

Global Asset Valuation Platform

Hilco Streambank is fortunate to be an integral part of Hilco’s global asset valuation platform, which delivers more than 2,500 asset valuations annually. The intangible asset valuations provided by Hilco Valuation Services include a peer review on every valuation provided by senior executives at Hilco Streambank, including such nontraditional asset classes such as:

  • Trademarks and Trade Names
  • Lease Streams
  • Patents
  • Proprietary Software
  • Copyrights
  • Customer Lists
  • Customer Contracts
  • Favorable Supplier Contracts

To put the experience of Hilco Streambank to work so that you can gain complete confidence in your intellectual property valuation, contact David Peress at or Jack Hazan at, or for European Services, contact Nat Baldwin at

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