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Hilco Streambank to Auction Premium Domain Names. Premium Domains Include DL.com, ROW.com, LandF.com, Tweeter and Firedog

Sep 24, 2013

NEEDHAM, Mass., September 24, 2013:  Hilco Streambank is holding its second multi-asset premium domain name auction on October 14 – 17, 2013.  Registration and bidding will open immediately on the 14th at 10 a.m. The auction will be conducted on Hilco Streambank’s recently updated proprietary online auction platform, HilcoDomains.com.

The assets available in this auction consist of 15 domain packages, including individual domain offerings for premium names such as ROW.com, DL.com (from the former Dewey Leboeuf law firm) and LandF.com. The auction also includes brand packages that include both trademarks and domains such as Firedog, once Circuit City’s in-store services arm; Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals, InspirationBio.com; Sleep Health Centers, sleepandyou.com and other domains and active websites; and Tweeter – the former consumer electronics retail chain. Many of the available domains have active links and traffic.

“Our second auction provides an amazing opportunity to acquire domain names that can be easily branded and are also highly desirable -- including two letter and three letter domains and one and two word dictionary dot-com domains, which are among the most premium assets in the Internet world,” said David Peress, EVP of Hilco Streambank.  “These are rarely available at auction and will give buyers a unique opportunity to own and build upon some of the most in-demand address types on the web.  We expect a substantial level of interest and a highly competitive sale process.”

The current offering of domain packages include the following:

Individual Domains

•    DL.com
•    ROW.com
•    LandF.com
•    MagicBooks.com
•    YogaTraining.com
•    HomeInvestment.com

Domain Packages
•    Tweeter – Includes Tweeter.com and TWTR.com
•    Firedog – the former Circuit City services unit
•    Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals – includes trademarks and domains
•    Sleep Health Centers – Trademarks and domains including sleeppartners.com and sleepandyou.com
•    TennisFoxes.com and other Tennis related domains
•    1-800-MyPills.com and 1-800-Gifts4U.com – Packages include vanity phone numbers and domains    

The domain names and related intellectual property including trademarks, customer lists and vanity phone numbers will be sold in separate lots in an auction on Hilco’s internet auction platform. Interested parties should visit the HilcoDomains.com website or contact Hilco Streambank.

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Hilco Streambank (www.hilcostreambank.com) is an advisory firm specializing in the marketing, sale and valuation of intangible assets for businesses at all stages.  Hilco Streambank is part of Hilco Global (www.hilcoglobal.com), a financial services and operational advisory company based in Northbrook, Illinois.

Hilco Streambank identifies, preserves, and extracts value for clients through the application of experience, diligence and creativity.  Recent transactions include the sale of the DiVX patent portfolio for Circuit City, as well as brand names, Internet domain names, customer files and other IP for Borders, Goody’s, Mervyn’s, Robb & Stucky Furniture, Berkline/BenchCraft and Tavern on the Green.  Additionally, Hilco Streambank provides intangible asset valuation services to stakeholders in a variety of contexts including compliance and reporting, lending, and for the resolution of disputes.  Hilco Streambank also provides advisory services on intangible asset value maximization strategies and liquidity-generating options.  The firm’s clients have included stakeholders in both healthy and distressed situations, as well as other outside consulting firms, management teams, debtor's counsel, secured and unsecured creditors, plaintiffs and defense attorneys, lenders, liquidators, turnaround consultants, and others.  Hilco Streambank is headquartered in Needham, MA with offices in New York, NY and Chicago, IL.

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