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Ciro Citterio: A Return to the High Street

Nov 27, 2018

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the UK high street as of late, the UK menswear market has seen positive and encouraging changes in recent years. From January 2017 to January 2018, growth of sales in menswear was recorded at 4.1% and is now growing faster than womenswear, which is in part believed to be because of a perceived increase in fashion conscientiousness among modern men in the developed world. As a result, the past few years have seen the return of many nostalgic brands from the 90s/early 00s whose previous absence from the market has allowed them to relaunch themselves as trendy alternatives to mainstream brands.

These relaunched brands now hold large segments of the market and encompass the nostalgic feel that surrounds vintage fashion in an updated and modern way. Reebok, for example, was immensely popular in the 90s before it disappeared into the background of sportswear but in recent years it has instigated a successful comeback. This has contributed to both its collaborations with notable figures on designs and a wave of support for its Reebok Classics line of trainers and apparel which highlights the reminiscent attitude that is circulating towards 90s/00s style and branding.

Ciro Citterio represents an opportunity for a company to enjoy similar success by monetising a nostalgia-inducing menswear brand in a modern market. Ciro Citterio was one of the UK’s most prominent menswear brands, having been historically traded in over 150 Ciro Citterio-branded stores in the UK. The brand was last traded around a decade ago but Ciro Citterio vintage suits and leather jackets are often found on eCommerce websites which indicates the sentimental feeling the general public has towards the brand.

As well as offering a company an established heritage brand to utilise as a doorway into a growing market, Ciro Citterio is well suited to the recent trend of ‘high low dressing’, which consists of mixing smarter and more traditional menswear items of clothing with casualwear. There has been a recent shift in the tailoring market in order to create pieces that compliment casual clothing and this has created both space and new opportunities in the market. This coincides with the established need for more formal attire on the marketplace that is both affordable and sophisticated, which Ciro Citterio is perfectly placed to offer.

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