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Hilco Streambank’s IPv4.Global to Sell Thomas Cook IPv4 Addresses

Dec 19, 2019

IPv4.Global, powered by Hilco Streambank, has been retained by AlixPartners to sell IPv4 internet protocol addresses from major travel company Thomas Cook. 
Included in the assets are several large blocks of IPv4 addresses registered with RIPE-NCC, the regional internet registry for Europe and the Middle East, and transferrable within the region or to North America (ARIN) or Asia and Pacific (APNIC) regions. The blocks will be listed on the IPv4.Global online marketplace. Registered users will be able to see the blocks available and make offers. 


IPv4.Global has been a leading worldwide IPv4 broker since 2012. Through both its online auction marketplace and its private brokerage, IPv4.Global has completed over 1,500 transactions including numerous transactions in the RIPE NCC region. The IPv4.Global online platform is predicated on streamlining transactions and making price information freely available to market participants and market watchers.

The Thomas Cook opportunity is expected to generate strong interest given the continued global shortage of IPv4 space, with RIPE-NCC having announced it ran out of IPv4 addresses last month. Since Hilco Streambank’s completion of some of the first ever sales of IPv4 addresses in the Borders Group bankruptcy in 2012, the secondary IP address marketplace has rapidly grown and the prices of IP addresses have also drastically increased. Larger block sizes which traded for $5 per IP address in 2012 are now selling for in excess of $20 per IP address. 

Hilco has already been engaged to sell a large portfolio of Thomas Cook Group Plc (in Liquidation) travel related domain names, sub-brands, IT and aviation engineering equipment.  The appointment to bring the Thomas Cook IP addresses to market demonstrates Hilco’s ability to leverage its deep transaction expertise across all asset classes to achieve maximum value for assets.