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1. How much do IP addresses cost?

The price of IP addresses is constantly fluctuating. How much it will cost your company to get the IP addresses it needs depends on a number of factors. The region you purchase the IP addresses from and the size of IP address block you purchase are currently the two largest factors influencing the price per IP address, however other factors such as transaction structure and counterparty can also play a large role. Contact us today to find out what kind of a deal we can get for your company.

2. How many IP addresses can I buy?

Each Regional Internet Registry (RIR) sets policies about how many IP addresses a company can transfer into its account with that RIR. If a buyer wants the IPv4 addresses it purchases registered in its own name in its local RIR, it needs to meet the requirements set forth by that RIR. ARIN, APNIC and RIPE each have slightly different rules.

3. How long will it take to transfer the addresses with my local RIR? How can I speed up the process?

The amount of time it takes to complete the RIR transfer process primarily depends on how long it takes the buyer to demonstrate to its RIR that it qualifies to receive the IP addresses. Buyers should be prepared to provide the RIR with information to show utilization of their current IP addresses and a plan for how they will use the newly acquired IP addresses, and respond to RIR questions promptly. This can take anywhere from three weeks to several months. Buyers are encouraged to apply for pre-approval with their local RIR ahead of time to speed up this process.

4. Can I transfer IP addresses into a different RIR?

Currently IPv4 addresses can be transferred between ARIN and APNIC. Inter-RIR transfers to and from RIPE are not possible at this time.

5. Will it cost more to do an inter-RIR transfer?

Inter-RIR transfers are subject to fees from both ARIN and APNIC. ARIN currently charges a $500 USD Inter-RIR transfer fee. APNIC charges a transfer fee equal to 20% of the annual membership fee for the size of block being transferred.

6. How much longer will an inter-RIR transfer take?

IPv4 address transfers from ARIN into APNIC do not take significantly longer than transfers between APNIC members. From our experience, it typically takes 1-2 additional weeks.

7. Do you provide escrow services?

Yes. Hilco Streambank provides escrow services free of charge. If the parties prefer using a third party escrow service, Hilco Streambank will help arrange a third party escrow service as well.

8. Why can’t I see which blocks you have to offer?

Many of our sellers prefer to retain anonymity for as long as possible. Because the internet community does not universally support the transfer of IPv4 rights, many of those responsible for IP address management would prefer to maintain a low profile. Additionally, many companies do not want their stakeholders to know that they are selling these types of assets. Once agreement is reached on price and other terms, we allow buyers ample time to conduct diligence on the address range.