Sale and Transfer Process

At Hilco Streambank we customize solutions that work for both our buyers and sellers. The following is a typical sale and transfer process for non-auction sales.

  • Submit an Interested Buyer Background Form – Call us today to discuss your situation and we will contact you shortly to discuss finding the best solution for you.
  • Submit a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement – Sign and return our Mutual NDA Form
  • Evaluate Your Need and Develop a Plan – Some parties have already done this by the time they contact a broker looking for space, but if you haven’t, Hilco Streambank can help you evaluate your options for acquiring the space you need given the requirements of your Regional Internet Registry. Interested buyers are highly encouraged to apply for pre-approval from their local RIR to determine ahead of time how much space they will be approved to receive.
  • Make an Offer – Submit a written offer of your own.
  • Matching the Buyer with a Seller – Based on the interested buyer’s offer, Hilco Streambank will match the interested buyer up with a potential seller. If our sellers are unable to accept the offer, we may return to the buyer with a counteroffer, and attempt to negotiate an acceptable deal between the parties.
  • Buyer Reviews Address Range – Hilco Streambank will provide the buyer with the potential seller’s address ranges so that the buyer can diligence the space.
  • Asset Purchase Agreement – After the buyer approves the address range and the parties agree on a purchase price, Hilco Streambank will provide parties with its standard Asset Purchase Agreement for review. Hilco Streambank will coordinate negotiation and execution of the contract between all parties.
  • Escrow Account – Hilco Streambank provides escrow services free of charge to hold contract deposits and purchase price proceeds pending final closing. If the parties prefer to use a third party escrow service, Hilco Streambank will assist the parties in setting up an escrow account acceptable to all parties.
  • Transfer – Hilco Streambank will assist the parties throughout the transfer process. The parties will transfer the IPv4 addresses according to the terms agreed to in the Asset Purchase Agreement and funds will only be released upon final transfer of the IP addresses to the buyer’s account.



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