Patented Anti Theft / Anti-use Locking System US RAC, LLC . & The RAC Holding Company, LLC.


Hilco Streambank has been retained as exclusive agent to market for sale the assets of US RAC, LLC and The RAC Holding Company, LLC. The Michigan based company produced an innovative secure locking system called The RAC®, which features a patented mounting and locking system designed for various applications including fire arm security and tool and equipment locking. US RAC is currently in a Michigan receivership.


Patents and Trademarks

  • 6,817,477 – U.S. (Utility) Patent, “Device for Locking Firearms and Other Articles”
  • 6,932,221 – U.S. (Utility) Patent, “Mounting Apparatus”
  • D482,260 – U.S Design Patent, “Apparatus for Locking and Mounting a Firearm”
  • D483,648 – U.S. Design Patent, “Apparatus for Supporting a Firearm”
  • United States Trademark Registration – The RAC®

Design Files

  • All design files included.


  • Approximately 6700 Units of the 5 inch version of The RAC®

The RAC®

The RAC™ is designed to enhance safe storage and security for personal property such as tools, equipment, machinery, and especially firearms. Each The RAC® includes three custom mounting plates increasing its storage applications and uses. The three different plates are designed with pins specifically to secure a variety of firearms. One plate is designed without a pin for home, commercial, builders and engineers, for uses such as bicycles, machinery, equipment and tools.

The RAC® features a rubber-coated arm that swivels 360 degrees for access and a stationary locking post that passes through the trigger housing providing uncompromised security. Strong and versatile, The RAC® has tempered steel construction that withstands up to 4,700 pounds of pressure and the patented, hidden mounting system makes it tamper-proof, damage-proof, and theft-proof.

The RAC® is the ideal weapon-storage system for the military, police, and other government agencies. Law Enforcement can use this product to secure confiscated weapons. It serves as a valuable storage device in the field when firearm accountability is essential.

The RAC® has obtained the following certifications:

  • GSA Approved
  • California Compliance
  • C.P.S.C. / ASTM Certification


The RAC® can be mounted on any surface, with virtually no assembly required. The RAC® has been used by law enforcement and government agencies, hunters, outdoorsmen, and building professionals. It is preferred by homeowners and families with children and purchased by families to prevent theft and accidents. The RAC® addresses universal security and storage concerns within the home, at construction sites, on the job, and in vehicles.

  • The RAC® prevents theft of valuable equipment , tools, sporting goods and specialty equipment
  • The RAC® is a reliable and dependable anti-theft and storage device
  • The RAC® can mount to virtually any surface, hidden or visible
  • The RAC® eliminates someone from having total access to weapons, tools, and personal possessions


The RAC® was sold through direct and retail channels, including:

  • Online direct sales
  • Cabela’s
  • Home Shopping Network
  • Gander Mountain
  • Partnership with Remington Arms (Remington Country, U.S.A.)

Between 2006 and 2013 the company sold over 120,000 units grossing over $6MM in revenue. Average pricing for The RAC® unit was between $39 and $72 at wholesale with retail prices of between $59 and $99. Institutional customers included several government agencies and several municipal law enforcement agencies.


Hilco Streambank is currently soliciting offers for the above assets.

The bid deadline for these assets is October 30th, 2014 4PM EST.

Further diligence can be conducted once under confidentiality agreement with the company. A bid form and instructions for participating in the sale process can be acquired by contacting the below representatives.